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Renee 2006-11-30 11:35am

How Many Colors - Soft Glass Only
Okay, I've no clue how many pounds (and pounds, and pounds) of glass I have! I can count colors, though. I have around 160. :oops:

How many soft glass colors do you have, excluding single-rod sample sets?

AlivELampworK 2006-11-30 11:54am

160 colors?? thats absurd!! i'm not home to count, probably around 60.. wow. 160. :lol:

earth*monkey 2006-11-30 12:34pm

I'm not at 160, but I'm not far behind.

Hubby just built me a new glass storage system with 120 compartments and was dismayed when I filled it up with glass left over. Heh. All 104coe.

Now he'll just have to build me two more, 'cause I want a bullseye studio stocker pack. :)

Renee 2006-11-30 12:37pm

Yea, but .... lol
Okay, well that includes moretti, lauscha, caliente, and bullseye. But, I'd guess that the 104 glass is probably 85% of it. Geez, I love glass! The only problem is that sometimes so many colors makes it a difficult, sometimes overwhelming choice. Well, I think I can live with that problem!

Shawn T 2006-11-30 12:43pm

Renne that wasn't nice you made me count and well....I am just gonna say..... I don't think you have enough colors. :grin:

Renee 2006-11-30 12:54pm

Okay, Shawn, out with it!! How many do you have? Inquiring minds want to know ...

AlivELampworK 2006-11-30 12:55pm

wow. everyone has that much glass?? i'm deprived!!! :lol:

misfit 2006-11-30 1:00pm

I have a glass rack that is 216 slots, its full one color minimum per slot, another that has 120 slots its about 1/2 full and still have two over flow drawers for the run off of colors I have too much of to all fit in the second rack. have no clue. a crap load and I'm not counting it all.

misfit 2006-11-30 1:02pm


Originally Posted by kimberly (Post 876477)
Yes. Yes you are. I'm not telling how many I have but soft glass includes:
Effetre, Vetrofond, Bullseye, Uroboros, Double Helix, R4' glass, Czech Glass, Lauscha, and some weird odd stuff I have that is antique German glass. I could also include Reichenbach, Kugler, Gaffer and Zimmerman and Satake. I have WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more than 160 colors of soft glass.
I am grateful that boro wasn't included in the poll!!!

same here. 160 just doesn't sound like much to me.

Renee 2006-11-30 1:04pm

Aw, geez! What's with you guys that you won't tell? After all, isn't a glass-ho an honorable title?! C'mon - fess up!!! We promise we won't come and raid your supply. ... or maybe we will! bwahahahaha

Glassgoodies 2006-11-30 1:06pm

I stopped counting at 190. That's not including stringers, R4, DH, Satake (about 30 colors), frit and glass in boxes. Gawd! I'd need an adding machine if I included the frit...

My name is Shawnette and I'm a Glass HO.

WhiskerWood 2006-11-30 1:07pm

Ummmmmm I have LOTS!!!!!!!!! :grin:

mostlydetails 2006-11-30 1:08pm

You made me go count! Close to 90. But I have to ask why do I have so many different colors of green and blue? I should try using some of it. . .

Renee 2006-11-30 1:13pm

Nicole, is there a conspiracy between you and Kimberly?! Think you've got too much? We can never have too much glass. Never ever! And all the yummy shades, Liz, are to satisy the need-du-jour!

Renee 2006-11-30 1:16pm

WOOHOO, Kimberly! Way to go! How do you store all of it? Do you separate it by make and then by color, or just by color, or what?

bclogan 2006-11-30 1:26pm

OK. So anal Barbara went to her glass inventory spreadsheet. And found the following....
Effetre - 126. this includes "duplicates" like Lt Pink and Bubblegum Lt Pink, Ink blue, Ink blue violet, and the 10 shades of coral (is that all...?) that I own.
Vetrofond - 25
Lauscha - 2
ASK - 2
Misc - 7
Bullseye - 129 (I bought the Studio Stocker this summer)

This does NOT include the Alabastros or Opalinos (I only bought the 1-rod sampler of each) or the Uroboros (again, a 1-rod sampler).

I think that makes me an offical Glass Ho'... And an organized one to boot!

bclogan 2006-11-30 1:30pm

Hmmmm.... Which leads to the question....

If I have soooo many colors, how come I keep using the same ones....

Renee 2006-11-30 2:09pm

Barbara, you have a spreadsheet for your glass?! And I thought I was anal! I've got to ask, does your spreadsheet detail the number of rods, or just the colors? If you say it includes the number of rods, you need help! LOL!!!

Kevan 2006-11-30 2:43pm

I really have no idea.

It's.....a lot.

sadiesmom 2006-11-30 4:52pm

I'd like to see pictures of all of your glass storage systems please. I asked for pictures of glass storage once in the studio section of LE, but it only got a couple of responses.


misfit 2006-11-30 5:35pm

My glass storage is real simple. They're pvc pipe glued togeather on top of each other so that 4 form a square, stringer goes into the square hole next to its color rods. The big one is 12 rows wide and 18 rows high for a current total of 216 colors, the italian glass is mostly in this one. it only holds about 1 1/2 pounds of each color. The smaller one is 10 rows wide and 12 rows high for a total of 120 colors. Its almost perfectly half full. This one only holds about a pound of each color. Its supposed to hold the Check glass and the lauscha. but it only holds the lauscha because I have more than a pound of the colors of the check and prefer to keep it all togeather. So the Check (all three types), BE, olympic color rod, spectrum 96, satake, and odd lots I bought more than 5 lbs of live in dresser drawers Right now all the new glass brands (ask, cim, r4 and double helix) are sitting ontop of the larger rack.
I do not split up colors into different places. If there is too much to fit in the rack it goes in the dresser.
I tried to get the # of colors off my inventory database but it does not have that info. It has the number of rods, weight of total rods of a color and average weight of each rod only. <shrug> sorry. and I've no intention of counting it. It was bad enough counting and lableing it and putting it into the data base.

That should give you a very good idea of what my glass storage is.

Renee 2006-11-30 8:07pm

Denise, check out this thread from the Studio (lots of pictures):

There are other threads that discuss glass storage that might be of use.

NLC Beads 2006-11-30 8:13pm

I guessed myself at the highest number, but now I feel obligated to go count... Up to the studio with me...
*tromping upstairs*
It took 3 tries... And I lost count... And I didn't include the filigrana pack or whatever alabastros/opalinos, etc I have hanging out...
Ummm... Carry the 2...
168? Plus whatever is in my "not sure what the heck this is" pile - probably another 20 or so, but maybe a rod or two of each? So my count was valid, anyway...

misfit 2006-11-30 8:26pm


Originally Posted by bclogan (Post 876544)
Hmmmm.... Which leads to the question....

If I have soooo many colors, how come I keep using the same ones....

oh I can answer that one. At least how it works for me... You use the same colors because you like them. You have so many others because when you get nervous about being down to the last two pounds or so of your favorite color.... or see a sale... or a new odd lot shows up... You figure I might as well order a pound now. Then because you're ordering anyway you decide, well I'll just make that X color I saw. Make that x number of pounds so I'll have plenty if it goes away. then well I'll add a pound of this too, and soon enough you only need another 4 pounds to get to that magic 20lb discount. then what the hell, you're already at the discount you might as well make sure you have plenty of X while you're at it. And didn't you hear that this other color was darker/lighter this time around. better try some of that. better make it three pounds in case I like it and it doesn't come around again. and so it goes untill this months order is over 50 pounds again and you've really only got a couple of pounds you were planning on using. You swear you won't ever do this again and somehow next month it doesn't look like you got that much extra glass... and you did see a new pink you wanted to try....

Admitt it!! I'm not the only one that does this, right?

Kevan 2006-11-30 8:35pm

How many KINDS Of glass do you have?

I have...9.

misfit 2006-11-30 8:43pm


Originally Posted by kimberly (Post 877361)
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a twin!!!!!!!! \\:D/

The other thing I find myself doing is ordering the same color from different vendors hoping to get a specific shade. and just in case its the right shade, better make sure you get enough to last this time.

oh and the sellers that give different names to the same glass. and well you know their picture *did* look like it had a more dark red tone, best get that. then it arrives and you find you have 5 more pounds of the same old glass you already had 7 pounds of. but the chance that you'll get a really nice special shade always seem likely... after all why NAME it differently???

Then nots forget the people who decide to sell out their 104 for what ever reason and you figure its a bargin because theres plenty of good colors and at least 5 or 6 odd lots that might be different...

it really does always seem reasonable untill after the glass arrives and you sit there wondering what happened to your good freind, your brain.

misfit 2006-11-30 8:52pm


Originally Posted by Kevan (Post 877375)
How many KINDS Of glass do you have?

I have...9.

BE (only odd lots- I buy those because I may start using BER sometime)
Vetro, Effetre, check soda lime, check shampoo, check lead (all the check varieties have different coe's so I list and buy them seperately) Olympic color rods, Uroborous, older spectrum (not sure if it should be seperate), CIM, ASK, double helix, R4. Some unitentified vintage soft glass, and some french soft glass. and some PI i think it is.

15 or 16. I think.

Glassgoodies 2006-11-30 9:11pm

Uroboros, Effetre, Vetrofond, R4, Double Helix, BE, Reichenbach, Gaffer, Kugler, Zimmerman, Lauscha, Check, Satake, Kinari, EZ Flow, ASK, Vintage German and some PI in the mail. (and a variety of boro)


meemie 2006-11-30 9:32pm

This thread made me laugh only because I am starting to lampwork again and I sorted my glass today to see what I had and needed (which was not much but I bought a ton anyway) I do not have as many as some of you but having about 50+ colors that I haven't used in about 6 months is just too funny. I also have colors I have no idea what I will do with them but I love odd lots. If it is odd I will buy it no matter the color.

mostlydetails 2006-12-01 7:29am

Shawnette, you're just showing off! I confess I've stayed pretty basic -- most of my stash is Moretti, but there's also some Vetrofond and Lauscha, and a tiny bit of Gaffer and Reichenbach, plus some clear I can't even remember the name or COE that I thought would be great for frit and I hate it. System 96 maybe.

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