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CorriDawn 2019-06-02 7:46am

Presses for sale
I have some brass presses up for sale.

Cattwalk $45 each
Dual crunch
Med 3in1 pastille
Graduated button -pending
Focal kite
Focal lentil trio
Jewelbox -pending
Deep focal tumble tile
1 1/2 inch lentil

2 bases $40 each

Zoozii $35 ea
Sweetie triangle trio
Sweetie triangle large (there are 2)
Sweetie round
Sweetie square trio
Sweetie round trio
Sweetie medium square/round
Sweetie square large
Sweetie medium+ triangle/hex
Tile trio
Tab trio
Oval tab trio
Pillow trio
Mini (diamond and square)
Flutterby horizontal

Zoozii $45
Cone drop quad
Cone drop trio

Cgbeads roller small tunnels (for ear gauges) $35

All of these presses have "property of Lampwork Etc" engraved on the bottom and also need polished. If you want multiple, I can make you a deal. 😀

Marjstock 2019-09-01 2:54pm

I will take one of the catwalk bases if you have it left

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