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Kevin7191975 2019-02-24 7:03pm

1st Kiln
I have recently gotten into this worlds of glass, have a bobcat, and a Kentucky maid, so need a kiln, plan to do mostly small items like pendants with an occasional up to about 10" rig, can anyone recommend a kiln i was thinking the bluebird xl bit the 4.5" inside height seems too small. Also am plannning on upgrading to a lynx and maybe a cheetah depending on kiln cost.

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Croft Eeusk 2019-02-24 7:39pm

Can't go wrong w/Glass Hive - got mine about 9-10 years ago & have never had a problem w/it.

Snork. Well, except for turning it on for the first time - it came pre-programmed w/instructions, but .... they also have excellent customer service who won't laugh at you even w/the silliest questions ;)


echeveria 2019-02-25 7:31am

Paragon F120 or F130 have the door that opens upward and a big chamber for larger pieces, but not so big that you would never want to use it for smaller things. Check Kiln Frog - I think they have good prices and free shipping.

armo 2020-10-29 8:41am

I have a question about using kiln. Should I heat it up to the annealing temperature to put the glass inside the kiln or can I put the hot glass inside a kiln and heat it thereafter?

KJohn 2020-10-29 10:47am

Hi Armo. No, it must be put in hot to a hot kiln with a holding temp typically 925-960F. (Depends on type of glass, the websites for the manufacturer should have the instructions). Ramp down per instructions for that glass, some come with preprogrammed schedules if you have a new one with a controller. Otherwise, do manual. There should be some other threads on there for each type of glass. BE for example, waaaay different than 104 Effetre. HTH

Speedslug 2020-10-29 1:53pm

Aye, hot glass going into he kiln won't wait for the time it takes the kiln to come up to temperature.

It doesn't take all that long to get up to temp in an empty kiln but hot glass out of the torch flame will cool down much too quickly before it gets up there.

I usually start my kiln first, then get something to drink, clean my eye glasses, and start selecting what I am going to melt, clean that glass, open the valves to my fuel and oxygen sources, light the torch etc ...

Usually 20 minutes or longer have gone by before I have any hot glass at all and none of it has even been put on a mandrel yet.

You may want to practice all of the moves of doing your start up routine before you make anything that will break your heart if it shatters or puddles on the floor of your kiln.

You could find out that scooting your chair back with a molten hot glob of glass on a thin wire gets caught on the table behind you or smacks into the lamp you are lighting your work area with.

Welcome to the addiction.

armo 2020-10-29 5:27pm

Hi, all. Thanks for the quick answer. Im from Brasil and I built my kiln from scratch. I have a PID temperature controler, so controling temp is not an issue. Im using E. Wheeller book that was writen in the 50s. It is a good book but it is very old and a lot off things are different today. However the hand exercises and fire control are very well described in this book. Anyway thanks a lot.

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