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gemsinbloom 2013-11-23 6:47pm

Gems In Bloom Moon Shadow Lampwork Tutorial

Available in my Etsy store:

Regular price $15
Pre-sale price $10
Tutorial will be completed on December 15th or earlier (I usually complete tutorials earlier) The Pre Sale affords me time to write the tutorial as lampworking is my only job. Thank you for your continued support!

A new Gems In Bloom Organic Moon Shadow Lampwork Bead Tutorial!

Please read before purchasing. There are NO refunds on electronic books. Reading over the description of the product before purchasing is highly recommended. Thank you.

Lampwork Press used in tutorial::
1.25" Straight Sided regular sized lentil purchased from Zoozii but the design can be created on any bead shape you prefer.

Tutorial includes:

1. Introduction.

2. Full color step by step photographs with detailed descriptions of the steps.

3. List of Suppliers.

4. Full rights to create as many beads as you like for you own personal use or for sale.

5. Number of pages is unknown until completed

6. Suitable for both beginners and more experienced lampworkers.

7. All glasses used are COE 104 and are readily available from many suppliers.

The bead in the photograph is not included in the sale.

There are no refunds for Ebooks.

gemsinbloom 2013-11-26 6:32pm

The tutorial is completed, all pre sale copies have been emailed out and the tutorial is now for sale on Etsy for instant download, thanks everyone!


I added some flowers.

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