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sortaflower 2015-11-12 8:59am

Heart of Glass LookBook Inspiration Recipe eBook

Brand new today and available at a special low introductory price (limited time), full of design inspiration for glass artists and jewelry designers =-)

Here is the link, bead appetite! Daniel & Jenelle

friskebaer 2015-11-13 8:27am

Hi Jenelle! Would you mind me asking if you use a press for your heart shape and if so, which one? I absolutely love that shape! No worries if you don't want to share that info :) Thanks so much!

sortaflower 2015-11-13 11:19am

Jenny I do use a press, unfortunately it is out of production. It is a trio press and our designs should translate well to other heart presses as long as the bead hole orientation is vertical.
Dan and I have been asked many times for tutorials on the hearts but I hesitated since the press is not available, but finally one of our friends said "I dont care, I will use another press, just give me the recipes!" So this is my tip toe into the water of sharing some of our heart designs. Thanks for asking and happy bead making! xox Jenelle

friskebaer 2015-11-13 11:52am

Thank you so much for your reply Jenelle!!

sortaflower 2015-11-13 2:47pm


Originally Posted by friskebaer (Post 4805485)
Thank you so much for your reply Jenelle!!

You betcha, have a great weekend =-)

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