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Rudy 2021-02-27 7:07am

New studio setup
Looking for feedback. I've been lampworking for a while, but getting ready to move to a new home where I will have a large North facing window (no direct sun). I could work facing the window which might be nice. However, wondering if I would be better off facing the opposite wall, or setting up the studio with the window to the side. I could try it every which way, but just wondering what other folks in my situation have done. I am enjoying this process of setting it all up. Photos of your studio set ups with windows welcomed and encouraged. Thank you in advance! :-)

Croft Eeusk 2021-02-27 10:44am

I like working in a room which is rather dark, except for my table lamps. I find light from a window in front makes it difficult to keep track of the flame. That might just be me. Window from behind seems to work better, but sure limits the view ;)


ToriMae 2021-02-28 3:43am

I work just to the left of the window so I get some natural light - and lots of opportunities for mid-distance-staring - without getting sun in my eyes or difficulty seeing the flame. Works for me but I'm only a beginner!

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