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smutboy420 2006-03-02 4:01pm

What style torch do yo use?
I have been wondering about the demographics of different torch users and the torch style used in the different fields of lamp working. So this poll will be aimed mainly at the world of beads and bead makers.

What style torch do you use.

e. mort 2006-03-02 4:03pm

Where is the poll?

smutboy420 2006-03-02 4:04pm

ah that din't work
ok I think I got the poll working now.

Veda's Beads 2006-03-02 4:19pm

I voted single stage 02/fuel ~ I'm assuming that's what my minor is.

smutboy420 2006-03-02 6:19pm

I voted single stage 02/fuel ~ I'm assuming that's what my minor is
yup you got it right

IF-Designs 2006-03-02 7:53pm

is cheetah single stage too then i assuem?

smutboy420 2006-03-02 8:19pm

yup a cheetah would fall in to that catogory.

minot or bob cats would fall under single stage torch. redmax's and CC and other 2 flame torchs with and inner or and outer flame or a top/bottom would fall under 2 stage torches.

kbinkster 2006-03-02 11:36pm

I have several torches to play on, three single stage and one two stage with 4 studs. I hope to play with a 3 stage some day...*looks at Willy and bats eyelashes*

My Phantom is a 4-stud, but I do not have a pedal. I think that a pedal would be really cool, especially if I'm doing regular detail work and then want to quickly heat up a gather to encase it. Keeping something warm in the back flame while heating a clear rod (especially if you peel it) already takes two or three hands. Having a foot pedal would be great becasue you wouldn't have to juggle stuff to turn valves - you would just step on a pedal to get that outer fire going. How cool is that?

smutboy420 2006-03-03 12:11am

So Will hasn't let you play with his Big one yet ah? lol lol

Lara 2006-03-03 12:30am

Mini cc and HH occ.

JanMD 2006-03-03 6:44am

I know what a Hothead is, but what are these "stages" you have there? Love to respond, but I've no clue what category I am in -- use a Carlisle MiniCC.


Cosmo 2006-03-03 8:28am

A Mini CC is a single stage O2 torch.

The "stages" can be determined by how many different flame regions the torch has. Like on a Mini CC, when you turn the torch on, all the ports work all the time. On some larger torches, like a Carlisle CC, GTT Phantom, Bethlehem Barracuda, etc. there is a center flame and an outer flame that can be operated independently of each other. Those are dual stage torches. Torches like a MidRange Plus and a Red Max (that have one flame on top of another) also fall into that category.

Triple stage torches are big torches with three separate flames like a GTT Cobra or the Herbert Arnold torches.

smutboy420 2006-03-03 9:02am

Thanks Chad you explained that well.

Lisi 2006-03-03 9:53am

Bobcat, Mini CC, and Hothead here. For my next torch, I haven't decided between a Cheetah or the Barracuda. My plan to use it for borosilicate work exclusively, because the others are fine for the soft glass.

Mr. Smiley 2006-03-03 2:32pm

Lisa, I have a friend with a Cheetah for sale. It's barely been used. ;)

firefreak 2006-03-03 10:31pm

2 stage 2 post (red max)

Kalera 2006-03-04 4:42pm

Also a 2 stage 2 post - Barracuda.

Cosmo 2006-03-04 4:57pm

Oh, I voted, but forgot to post...

I use a 2 stage 2 post - Bethlehem Tiger Shark.

Working on converting it to 4 post and foot pedal, though...

kiko 2006-03-04 6:11pm


Does your friend still have their cheetah for sale?
I may be interested.


DesertDreamer 2006-03-04 10:08pm

I have a Midrange Plus (premix on top). Love it!

e. mort 2006-03-06 5:13pm

GTT Delta Elite - 2 stage/4 post


(Hey, who has the three stage out there?)

smutboy420 2006-03-06 8:02pm

I was wondering that too. Them some big beads

Cosmo 2006-03-07 10:30am

Yeah. I personally only know of a few people with a three stage torch. I'd love to hear from some people that use them.

One of these days I'm going to get me a Cobra or Python...

kbinkster 2006-03-07 10:34am


Originally Posted by Cosmo
Yeah. I personally only know of a few people with a three stage torch. I'd love to hear from some people that use them.

One of these days I'm going to get me a Cobra or Python...

Have you seen the Delta Mag, yet?

Cosmo 2006-03-07 11:00am

Nope. And no pics of it on the GTT site yet either...

kbinkster 2006-03-07 11:54am

Jason Lee did his demo at Glass Evolutions on one and the pictures are up over there. Also, someone posted pictures on GLDG of Loren using his at the Kobe show.

Cosmo 2006-03-07 11:55am

Ahh. I saw the picture of Loren. I thought it was a Cobra...

So I guess I have seen one, then. How does it compare to the Cobra?

Is this it?

Hope Nathan doesn't mind me posting one of his pics here....

sassy 2006-03-07 12:50pm

I just have a HH and a bobcat.

shawnette 2006-03-07 5:29pm

Oops, marked the wrong one. Lynx, Mini CC and Hothead

meadowesky 2006-03-07 5:42pm

anyone use the delta? I saw one at unbroken glass studio in Peoria il and OMG!!!

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