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Sudsy 2019-05-23 7:31am

Brass or Graphite press
Which do you like the best brass or graphite press? Pros and cons please. I am getting ready to order and am conflicting between the two.

echeveria 2019-05-23 8:56am

I use both, and both are fine. If you think you are prone to dropping them or dropping stuff on them, get brass.

Sudsy 2019-05-23 1:47pm

Thanks you. I have brass presses and was wondering if there was an advantage to using graphite press.

beadmama 2019-05-23 2:03pm

Good and bad in both ....brass Will tarnish. I do think the graphite can chip easily on the corners. I had 2 that chipped in the corner near the peg hole. I didn’t drop it either. The press is usable but if brass is offered I would go that route instead. I do like graphite beadrollers and had a couple spacer ones break from dropping them. JMHO

rainygrrl 2019-05-29 1:52pm

Brass will “grab” the glass a bit; graphite won’t.

yonil 2019-05-31 6:54am

I like to use brass when working with a glass that has reactions with extreme hot to cold changes. Like raku--Heat up the raku, then press it with a brass shaper, to cool it fast and get extra color out. Or if I want the glass I added to be pushed down but not spread so much, I'll use the brass, because it's more likely to "freeze" the glass in place rather than spread it out.

I like the graphite for gentle shaping where I want the glass to move a bit more.

I use both a lot!

Mountain Snail 2019-06-13 7:05pm

I prefer brass. Graphite is great for marvering but I like brass for smooshing.

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