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Beatrix 2018-02-19 12:30pm

Thallo Double Helix issues
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So I bought my first DH glass a couple months ago, Thallo and Triton. I've heard Triton could be challenging...but it's Thallo that's kicking my butt! I made some icicles out of it, and KINDA got some cool metallic sheen on it. Made a heart recently, and thought I got some color while in the torch, but afterwards it looks meh. Last Friday I plonked my butt down and swore I'd get it to do SOMETHING. So I filled a mandrel with teeny beads and worked it in the flame, upping the propane/lowering oxy, going in and out of the flame, up close and far away. At one point it looked like I succeeded, but after letting them cool in the crock pot, I pulled them out and they don't look nearly as exciting as they did in the fire. Am I doing something wrong? Will kiln annealing them change them at all? Here's pics of the Thallo, and for contrast the Triton to show just how reactive it looks!

echeveria 2018-02-19 1:06pm

I think Triton is the easy one. Wave in and out of a propane flame and you have a dilvery blue sheen. I haven’t used Thallo yet.

KJohn 2018-02-19 5:20pm

I've never had any good results with Thallo. The other green one, Gaia, I don't find that responsive either, but I haven't worked with it a lot. The greens have been a disappointment.

Locococo 2018-02-21 3:21am

For all green silverglasses you' ve to work very cool. If you like to encase Thallo or Gaia you will end up pulling your hair. ](*,)

Elke :waving:

Elizabeth Beads 2018-02-21 8:32am

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omg, I love Thallo.

KJohn 2018-02-21 4:26pm

how cool do you work to get that, Elizabeth? That is gorgeous!!

echeveria 2018-02-21 4:34pm

It’s on their list to discontinue isn’t it?

Elizabeth Beads 2018-02-21 8:00pm


Originally Posted by KJohn (Post 4978129)
how cool do you work to get that, Elizabeth? That is gorgeous!!

Nothing special. Make a base, encase with Thallo, burn off any haze. Cool, reduce, and keep the bead out of the flame while encasing until all the clear is on, then shape. Pretty much how I do all my reduction glass focals.


Originally Posted by echeveria (Post 4978131)
Itís on their list to discontinue isnít it?

Yes. I have a small stash, less than a lb. I'm counting on Jed to give us a new and improved green reduction color.

You can also play with your base colors to get greens and teals using other silver glass colors.

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