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Trey Cornette 2011-11-07 5:49pm

Bench Top Marvering Video.
This is my first time trying to shoot edit and upload a video.
Wasn't easy and it has it's issues but I still thought I would share it.
I use my bead masher at the very end.
I make both thee the Brass Bench Top Marver and Bead masher here in my Tennessee studio. If you are interested in acquiring either let me know.


BJJunk 2011-11-10 8:15am

Thanks for posting. I have a long skinny piece of marble laying around. Have to unbury it and try your method.

wendybritt 2011-11-12 8:46am

I love Trey's marver - the brass seems to "grab" the glass just right - not too much, not too little - and it's great for cooling down a bead before striking.

Trey Cornette 2011-11-13 8:06am

That's right Wendy. I used to teach this technique with graphite marvers but they were to slick and students had a more difficult time getting the bead to roll. The beads would slide across the surface creating a flat spot.
Brass is perfect. It offers the perfect friction and is purported to have magical qualities when working with some glasses like Raku.

Yvon 2011-11-19 1:55pm

And the tools that Trey sells are all quality. That certainly counts for a lot.

Watching him use the marver is interesting. Didn't think to use it that way. Thanks for sharing.


Trey Cornette 2011-11-27 9:04pm

Marvers and mashers are available right now!!!
Pm me for details:)

beadbroad 2018-08-20 7:57am

Ha! Seek and ye shall find. It’s been awhile, and I was trying to remember how to use mine. Thanks for the video.

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