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starlia 2005-06-21 12:59pm

Press Problems
I have a CBS round tab that is just not lined up properly. I have used many other in the same line and I own several more. No matter where I used this tool it just doesn't line up properly. I've tried it with my small base and tried it on the large base. I know how to line up the beads correctly or my other shapes wouldn't come out well.

Here is the problem. Do I send it back to Corina? Do I send it to Catt? Do I take it back to the store where I purchased it? All I want is for the press to line up correctly. An exchange would be perfect but I know the store doesn't have any. I honestly think it's the press and not me. Any advice?

Lynn Larson 2005-06-21 1:09pm

My suggestion is to first take it back to the store where you bought it. They may take care of the exchanging for you. If they don't, I would email both corina and catt to see who will take care of it.

Foofaraw 2005-06-21 1:10pm

Even though Catt and Fred manufactured the press, they are no longer employees of Corina and therefore are out of the loop as far as returns and the store probably doesn't accept returns for defects, they will most likely refer you to the manufacturer, etc. It gets kind of sticky, but I would email Corina, tell her you have tried everything and the press just won't line up and ask her what she would suggest. I'm sure she'll take care of it for you. She has a new machinist and is still producing tools as far as I know.

starlia 2005-06-21 1:12pm

Thanks Lynn & Jenn. I know the store would take it back in a heartbeat. The only problem is I want one back. Jenn - I'm going to contact Corina now and figure it out. Thanks everyone!

dogmaw 2005-06-21 1:51pm

I had the same problem with my CBS tab. Ended up padding one end of the press with a smidge of tape, and that fixed it right up.

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