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SnowFox 2015-07-23 5:05pm

My studio setup thread
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aka "and so it begins..." :-o

Really it's just a room in my house. Studio sounds much grander though. I learned a lot from reading others studio threads, so I figured I'd post one of my own as well.

All the parts for the venting arrived, so I've been getting that ready. I have to say, I'm glad I work at a computer rather than trades or construction. My back, knees and hands are killing me, and that was only after a few hours of work. I also learned that a hole saw won't cut through fiber cement siding without completely ruining it, and that a drill can whip around and smack you in the hand when it binds up. :cry:

Anyhoo, some pics so far:
- the first two are before pics - the messy storage in my mechanical room
- cleaned up, table with barley box bones :koolaid:
- some tile for surface
- messy again! tools & stuff

beckd 2015-07-23 5:50pm

Well done and I give you credit on doing the construction work yourself.

2xMI 2015-07-23 6:57pm

I agree! You're well on your way.


Speedslug 2015-07-25 3:46am

Large Amounts of Way Cool!

SnowFox 2015-07-25 3:08pm

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Thanks for the comments everyone :) Made some more progress today.

Learned that rigid duct is a PITA. Distance right, angle wrong. Angle right, distance wrong. Gah!
Learned that you need to wear your gloves all the time. My middle finger :flip: found a sharp bit inside an adjustable elbow. Blood has been spilled... ((dun dun dun))

Still need to tape all the seams (lots of air leaks right now) but I want to make sure the positioning is right first. Not entirely sure I'm happy with the Barley box, but I want to keep it small as the fan is only 450 cfm. I'll see how it works and then decide if I need to change anything.

My dog Bandersnatch loves getting in the way. I'm going to have to get a baby gate to keep him out of the room because he'll chase and nose anything that moves, hot glass or not.

Mesnik 2015-07-25 4:47pm

Someone else with more experience will pipe in, but i believe the fan needs to be at the other end on the ventilation duct (closer to discharge as possible)...

Mina 2015-07-25 4:55pm

HD is remodeling his garage. Once he is done with it he will be kicking me/my studio out. He will be bulding me an official studio in the basement. I am super curious to see yours all works out. I had been toying with the idea of setting up my ventilation the same way (with it built into a shelving unit like you are doing).

Speedslug 2015-07-25 8:33pm

Love the name of your pupper!

SnowFox 2015-07-26 5:08am

I'd love any other input on the fan location. I did google it before starting (and searched here) but no great consensus. Some say fans push better than pull, lots of grow op people debating the merits of... something or other.


Originally Posted by Speedslug (Post 4775493)
Love the name of your pupper!

He is quite frumious at times ;)

AmorphousDesigns 2015-07-26 7:37am

I'm not sure about the push/pull of the fan, but having the fan farther away will be quieter at your workstation

Speedslug 2015-07-26 7:58am

I am just concerned that 450 cfm is too small.

Didn't someone figure that 125 times the square foot of the hood opening was a minimum of some sort? Brains stop functing after a certain age I think. :lol:

It looks good either way and it reminds me of the amount of work involved in getting mine to that stage.

And for the folks reading this that are just getting their own system set up remember:
"Gloves of some kind is just a requirement like clothes of some kind anytime you work with sheet metal. Its all just a razor blade in disguise looking for flesh to consume."

SnowFox 2015-07-26 9:08am

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Originally Posted by Speedslug (Post 4775600)
I am just concerned that 450 cfm is too small.

Didn't someone figure that 125 times the square foot of the hood opening was a minimum of some sort? Brains stop functing after a certain age I think. :lol:

It's probably right on the edge. I'd read 100/ for fume boxes, 125/ for overhead hoods. The face of the box is 2' x 2' so it's close. We'll have to see how it works when it's all operational. I was limited to 6" ducting to get out through the rim joist (?) because the walls you see there are rebar'd concrete up to the ceiling height. If it's not enough, I'll have to do another 6" hole somewhere.

Minor addition today: nice storage for small stuff, maybe frit, maybe who knows? :) $20 at home depot, it's all plastic, but has nice 'blast shields' over the trays to keep out stray stuff.

Mesnik 2015-07-26 8:32pm


I only built one so i have no comparison. But i got that information from the hydroponics shop i got my fan from...

Keep us up to date!

SnowFox 2015-08-03 1:38pm

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In production! (So to speak)

Kiln is still on order, but I've been making a few beads (complete beginner so far, but everything is fun and going well)

Still need to do some tweaking, but it's all coming together now.

bepnewt 2015-08-03 1:47pm

Lookin' good!

Keep those beads.


SnowFox 2015-08-12 2:43pm

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I had the pros come in and do the propane hard pipe and two 20A circuit additions (one for kiln and one for future expansion).

I ended up ordering a Mega-minor today. I'm not unhappy with the hothead at all, but am not entirely thrilled with the 1 lb canisters. I'm also a little leery of running a full pressure hose through the window for bulk hothead use (reading the various threads here and elsewhere helped firm that up in my mind :) ) Of course, now I've got to get a concentrator or deal with bottles of 02, but what the heck.

Found a paper storage/organizer for my glass. Kinda cheap, and needs some plastic liners and dividers, but should work ok for now.


Speedslug 2015-08-12 6:02pm

Looks great.

Just remember that if you wind up filling one of those slots full with glass it can add up to some serious poundage and the plastic may not support it when it gets full.

SnowFox 2015-08-12 6:56pm

Yes... I wonder if anyone has any horror stories about storage malfunctions :cry:

Speedslug 2015-08-13 12:47am

When it gets to be an issue you should be able to transfer the weight from each pocket to the shelf it is on with lumber cut to fit and still not lose too much room.

Oh and don't forget to add support for the shelf it is on to carry the weight down to the floor as well when that starts filling up although those wire racks a surprisingly strong.

Having a single pocket break would be the pits but having a unit that size full of glass crash to the floor would be enough to make me cry for a month of Sundays.

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