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steph1214 2016-09-10 6:31am

New kiln advice
Hi all. It's been forever but I am now getting back to glass and wondered in the past four years if there is a better choice out there for kilns nowadays. Easier to use and more affordable.

5betsy 2016-09-11 7:13am

What do you have now?

I don't think there have been huge strides in kiln tech while you were elsewhere.

dwgrant 2016-09-11 7:39am

Welcome back. Do share what you've been up to. I agree that I don't think there have been any major change in kilns or the companies making them. What do you have now and what don't you like about it?

One other thing you'll notice if you haven't been lurking here, is that this site isn't nearly as active as it used to be. The daily gallery is now the weekly gallery. There are likely many causes, but two stand out to me: the economy tanking a few years ago led to a decrease in sales/popularity of lampwork beads and lampwork people are spending their time on facebook.

Again welcome back.


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