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Sheila D. 2013-04-17 1:11pm

Linking Websites
Is there a thread where we can link websites with each other? (if you want to...)
I've heard the better linked you are, the more likely you are to come up in Google. Here's mine...

Lorraine Chandler 2013-04-17 2:09pm

I know how to post favorite links on my blog but not my website...

But here is mine for when we do figure it out. LOL

Sheila D. 2013-04-17 6:34pm

Thanks Lorraine. I'll add you to my' favorite sites' list. You can make a new page just for links and add mine there.

Lorraine Chandler 2013-04-17 6:37pm

Okie dokie, I will do it tomorrow.

Sheila D. 2013-04-17 8:37pm

Okay...I just learned something about linking. You need to provide a short blurb about your business so it can be posted under the link.
Here's mine:

Quality lampwork glass beads with an artistic flair and handcrafted art jewelry.

Sheila D. 2013-04-18 12:54pm

Anyone else? It improves your Google rating!

AvenueBeads 2013-04-29 1:12am

If you want your rank improved even more, get someone to blog about you ;)

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