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SGDesigns 2017-12-03 10:05am

Facebook Business Page
I am having trouble understanding how the Facebook Business Page works. Does it just end up sending posts to all my friends? Do some of you feel it is worth the time invested to set it up or should I look at a another website format?

Beatrix 2017-12-05 3:56pm

I have a business page on FB for my day job (doesn't involve glass). It's useful for listing my business hours and it's easy to post updates/photos. People can also look up the name of my business on FB and message me if they have a question about something. I still have a regular web page that has all that info, but some people think FB first for searching instead of googling something.

sandeepanivishwa 2018-09-17 6:23am

Having a Facebook page helps to attract more visitors and fans to your page and not friends. It helps to gain more exposure online, increases brand awareness and you can also share posts and photos related to your products and services, in order to keep your audience updated.

SGDesigns 2018-11-05 8:39am

Thank you for sharing your experience with Facebook. I am finally ready to just launch it and see how it works.

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