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Sadie Mae 2014-09-04 8:40pm

I have several pounds of seriously beautiful complex boro twisties that I have no idea of the fair value or pricing as I work in 104, and have a Minor. I have looked around to see if anyone sells this--ABR has some single color fili twist, but like I said, I am not plugged into the boro crowd so my looking was limited....I do know this stuff is gorgeous, consistent and really nicely made.

Short fat rod is hollow, about 3.5oz, 6" long, longer rod is solid, 10", 2 oz. Coin is photos is an old buffalo head nickel for size reference.

I have a variety of other lengths and color twists--help!

KJohn 2014-09-04 10:24pm

Ooh, those would make cool candy canes! I'm no help on the pricing but those are really nice.
Hopefully someone has some ideas for you.

carolinainmymind 2014-09-05 6:01am

You might get more info/ advice on the forum. It is mainly Boro users.

Sadie Mae 2014-09-05 10:56am

Thanks Glenda--will try this afternoon!

Haulinglass 2014-09-08 1:34pm

Hello! I am a new member here and a have been a member on talk glass for a couple months .... I would be interested .... Is it all those colors? Let me know ... Marc

Haulinglass 2014-09-08 1:35pm

I see it says variety now can i see pics of the other?

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