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flowman 2016-08-29 8:43am

Anyone using a GTT with compressed air option?
The title just about sums it up--I'm saving up money for a GTT Phantom (I want triple mix after seeing it used to make the kind of sculptures I want to make), and I'm wondering if their new compressed air option (compressed air in addition to the propane and two O2 studs) would be worth the extra $. The marketing claims sound really good, but I can't find any reviews--I'd love to hear from anyone who has first hand experience with a GTT torch (any model) with the compressed air option.


Cosmo 2016-09-01 1:55pm

I tried one and didn't notice any difference. GTT's are so easy on color anyways that I really don't see the need.

flowman 2016-09-07 7:18am

Thanks Cosmo--I actually had a lot of trouble with colors reducing (when I didn't want them to) with my bobcat, but a new oxycon helped a lot with that.

Guess they haven't sold many, at least to LE members. Thanks!

Cosmo 2016-09-07 1:59pm

It's the concentrator, not the torch. When you run concentrators at higher flow rates, the oxygen purity suffers. That's why you are getting better colors with two concentrators.

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