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HannahRachel 2011-01-30 1:14pm

Jewelry Tutorials - designed around lampwork
Updated 8/2019
I have had a number of email requests for jewelry tutorials based on lampwork focal beads and/or cabs, so I've decided to list them all below.
I updated all of my tutorial documents in 2018! They all got a facelift, more info and a new layout!

NEW Lampwork and Beaded Tassel
Intermediate Level.
Approximate time to make: 6 hours, depending on how much fringe you add.

Tibetan Prayer Bracelet (Shamballa Bracelet)
Beginning Level
Approimate time to make: 3 hours for beginners

Cascade Pendant
Basic Wirewrap. Super Easy. Works best with a bicone.
Approximate time to make: 2 hours for beginner.

Micromacrame Pendant
Beginning Level.
Approximate time to make: 1 1/2 hours for beginner.

Micromacrame Treasure Bracelet
Intermediate Level (Actually, beginning, but there's a lot of thread to get tangled). Looks like a Stephanie Sersich piece, but done a completely different way, I think.
Approximate time to make: 6 hours for intermediate.

Peyote Chain Necklace
Beginning Level Seed Beading
Approximate time to make: 6 hours for beginner.

Bead Embroidered Cuff Bracelet
Intermediate. This This is a techniques instruction packet for the bracelet only and does not include the EXACT paper pattern to make the piece. Instead, it shows you how to design your own. You will be able to replicate it by following the photographs and the design tips.
Approximate time to make: 6 hours for intermediate.

Taos Sunset Necklace
The lampwork is at the bottom. Seriously, I know it looks complicated, but it isn't as long as you know peyote stitch. It does take a ton of beads and time, though...
Approximate time to make: LOADS

DNA Spiral Pendant
Intermediate seed beading. Can use any size/shape focal bead.
Approximate time to make: 6 hours for beginner.

Sea Form Pendant
ADVANCED. This is more about the seed bead weaving than the bead, but I use a 14mm round inside mine. Just added - new photo with fringe that makes it more pendant-like.
Approximate time to make: 4 hours for advanced.

Embellished Netted Necklace
Beginning Level
I've just updated this necklace tutorial to include a lampwork focal bead at the center front. The white photo is without a centerpiece, the blue and purple is the same pattern with a lampwork centerpiece.

SilverRiverJewelry 2011-07-23 6:50pm

One of these days I am buying a bunch of these. I just started my very first try at this type of beadweaving (with the backing), and don't thing I am quite ready for this level. Beautiful stuff though!

HannahRachel 2011-08-14 6:55am

Hi Sonja!

The top four tutorials are actually beginning level. I PROMISE you will do just fine on them.

Kevan 2011-09-17 1:12pm

Hannah's work is so wonderful. I would love to be able to do that!

lldesigns 2011-09-17 1:22pm

You have the most beautiful unique jewelry! I've been avoiding seed beading but I may have to get a tutorial or two and give it a try...

sarah_hornik 2011-09-18 3:24am

These look fantastic, Hannah! I will definitely be checking them out. Just have to decide where to begin, they all look great! :-)

Retta 2011-09-22 1:20pm

It is so cool that you are able to translate your work into tutorials so the rest of us can try it for ourselves! I don't make things as complex as your complex works, and even then I don't think I could manage to teach some one! My... "Um... take these beads and this needle and just do it..." probably wouldn't help them much. ;)

xandrille 2011-10-12 6:25pm

These are lovely custom made jewelry pieces, Hannah! Thanks for sharing your ideas on how to come up with those personalized jewelry masterpieces. I must say they really look complicated, but the overall designs are stunning! I must learn the how tos of beadweaving and try to make exquisite jewelry pieces like these. Keep it up!

HannahRachel 2011-10-17 6:18am

Thanks much for the kind words, everyone. I know they look complex, but for the most part when you break them down step by step, each step is rediculously easy.

I've almost completely dedicated my time to writing these days, which is the reason there are so many of them. In point of fact, though, these are from my classes over the past decade so its been a matter of making them suitable for following from home. There are over 50 tutorials currently up on my Etsy site, I just put up the ones which are lampwork related here.

edited to add - there are also two "true" lampwork tutorials up on there, one for a sculptural piece and another for finishes in soft glass.

edited to add - Sorry! Just realized some of these were sold out and have been for a while. I just reloaded them.

Retta 2012-03-21 3:12pm

The "break them down step by step" part is the hard part, you do that so well, thanks! :)

HannahRachel 2012-03-21 3:54pm

Thanks so much for your kind words Retta!

Your timing couldn't be more perfect.

I've just updated my Peyote Chain Necklace. It now not only sports a beginning level peyote stitch tutorial, it takes you one step beyond that with a peyote stitch disc/donut centerpiece.
UPDATED TIME TO MAKE: 4 hours without donut, 5 hours with.
Here's the thing about these updates. If you've purchased this tutorial beforehand, the update is FREE. Just PM me your paypal address and, if you remember, the approximate month/year you purchased the tutorial.

Kevan 2012-03-21 8:18pm

Wow. What a treasure trove of seed bead knowledge!:-)

Carolyn M 2012-04-09 5:33am

Your jewelry is absolutely beautiful, I just know I don't have the patience to make anything similar

chrissij 2012-04-09 3:00pm

No way could I finish ADHD would scream to the forefront. You do beautiful work, Hannah, and having a number of your tutorials, I know you do those well too. :)

HannahRachel 2012-04-10 9:45am

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

Based on some of the comments, I've added the amount of time that each project tends to take for my students in classes. You'll see that a few of them take less than you'd expect.

Over the Moon 2012-10-04 2:19pm

Hannah - your work is so incredible! I've gotten a few kits and whatnot from you over the years, and can attest to super-fab and easy directions, and glorious colors of all types of fabulous beads. I admit I haven't always <finished> everything, but what an inspiration you are. They're all gorgeous, but that Sea form pendant is calling my, love, love your work!!

HannahRachel 2012-10-05 8:36am

Hi there Val. I'm glad you are enjoying your Taos Sunset kit. The Sea Form pendant tutorial has been updated with a new set of fringe that makes it even more fabulous. I've updated the photo with the second "look." What I like about it is that it goes pretty quickly so you'd get that one completed in one session, although it is an advanced project.

I've also added a newly updated tutorial to the list. I recently added a lampwork centerpiece to my embellished spiderweb necklace and it looks fantastic. So, tutorial has been updated with how to use a lampwork focal and its a beginning level seed beading project!

Over the Moon 2012-10-08 1:26am

Love the new variation Hannah!

HannahRachel 2013-07-22 3:45pm

Thank you, Val. All of these will be available at my booth at the Gathering this weekend!

SGA 2013-07-22 5:40pm


Originally Posted by HannahRachel (Post 3664680)
Hi Sonja!

The top four tutorials are actually beginning level. I PROMISE you will do just fine on them.

I took a class at Bead and Button. It was a right angle something or other around a felt bracelet. Taught by the felting guru, blonde hair, dreads.

Said it was beginner.

I could not grasp it. To the point others in the class were giggling at me because I was just that dumb. It was embarrassing.

I've been afraid to try ever since.

So beginner with sense, or stupid eejit beginner? ;)

iloveglass 2013-07-25 8:32pm


HannahRachel 2013-07-27 3:52pm

@iloveglass Thank you!

@Shardi Right Angle Weave is a booger. The ones that are listed as beginner, above, really are beginner.

SGA 2013-07-28 12:28am

I looked it up. Double needle right angle weave, all levels.

They lied! Lol

I'll give it another go. :)

HannahRachel 2014-01-21 4:36pm

Shardi - I've actually been meaning to ask you - did you ever get that right angle weave thing together? I'm tellin' you. Its not for the faint of heart. I almost never do the stitch.

HannahRachel 2019-08-06 3:41pm

I know I'm posting twice in a row here, and I'm sorry, but I just got a note on Facebook asking to update the links on this since some were out of date. Done! Thanks for the heads up!

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