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glasting 2016-05-25 7:33am

Coming soon : NEW BOOK Fish recipes
My new book is coming soon.It will be available from 7th june 2016.
Photos : Marc Dubord, Pierre Picard, Sylvain David
Traduction : Florence Sauerbrey
Softcover, 21 x 21cm
28 pages,
2 tutorials, plus de 90 images,
You can purchase it from Otterbein-Glas, Gunnar Haag, Ombos (Germany), Artyco (Netherlands), Martin Tuffnell (UK), Hobbyfrance (France) and Blue Moon Glassworks (US) or on my websites or (this website doesn't work yet).

PattyK 2016-05-25 7:52am

Can't wait!!

glasting 2016-05-25 8:03am

me either, patty ;)

carolinesbeads 2016-05-31 12:07am

OMG I can't wait! I love your first book, it hangs out on my nightstand still. Is there anything materials wise I should get now?

glasting 2016-05-31 5:56am

thank you very much :)
I cannot talk about, you have to discover ;)

carolinesbeads 2016-06-05 8:56pm

No problem I will just wait impatiently:)

judydoell 2016-06-06 9:38am

Woo hoooo! I have all your fish presses. Can't wait to put it all together!!:happy:

carolinesbeads 2016-06-06 1:38pm

Wait there are fish presses?? Where does one get those?

Leigh-in-AK 2016-06-07 9:35am

I, too, would like to know about those fish presses.

Just ordered the book! Can't wait.

Leigh-in-AK 2016-06-07 10:32am

an olive shape that could easily be transformed into fish. Maybe?

Leigh-in-AK 2016-06-07 10:32am

or this one too:

Larysa 2016-06-07 12:15pm

Just ordered !

Mesnik 2016-06-08 4:50am

Oh so you need a press?

KJohn 2016-06-09 5:12pm

1 Attachment(s)
No, those may work but there are actual fish presses she uses (and designed?) found here

Attachment 159795

Leigh-in-AK 2016-06-09 6:16pm

Thanks Kristin !

Mesnik 2016-06-10 11:12am

Yes, thanks Kristin

Larysa 2016-06-15 8:39am

Got mine in the mail today. Thank you, Claudia !

carolinesbeads 2016-06-22 1:26am

Got mine today too, I am so excited to try it!! I am having a hard time finding dark red enamel though I think I could make some substitutions

Dee Dee 2016-06-24 12:02am

Got my book YAY!! and am excited to try to make a fish!

MaryBeth 2016-06-30 2:11pm

Blue Moon Glassworks does not appear to have any on their web site. Are they still carrying it?

dicrodi 2016-06-30 2:16pm

My book arrived the beginning of the week and the fish presses arrived today. Can't wait to give it a try but need to finish fusing projects first.

VitreousTyro 2016-07-04 9:30am

So where are pics of all your fishies??? :poke:


Mesnik 2016-07-06 7:12pm

Would like to see them as well!!

upinflames 2016-08-20 8:28pm

I want it! I love your first book, very well written. :-)

bluhealer 2016-10-21 8:01pm

I just received my copy! Now to find time... :)

merigypsy 2018-06-23 9:52pm

Whoah! This is on my list! Fantastic :)

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