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mikefrantz 2017-10-25 4:58pm

Lighting a Hot Head Torch
I have always used a match to light a Hothead Torch.
I would think a lighter would work
I just can not see a striker light a hothead torch.
Can any of you who use a hot head tell me which method you use to light it?

Listenup 2017-10-25 9:46pm

Hi Mike. I use a BBQ lighter to light mine, though I have used a striker, and a match as well. I'm pretty sure at the gathering I went to (a few years back) they used strikers. - Oops, my bad, you asked about hotheads. I don't think I've ever used a striker on mine, just the BBQ lighter. I don't have one else I'd test it out for you.

EmeryLawson 2017-10-26 5:06am

Although I have not used a hot head in years, but when I did I used a striker because I red a book that indicated hot glass and lighters don’t mix. I do t remember it being a big issue, but it was a long time ago.

Chocake 2017-10-26 5:56am

I'm on a hothead/bulk propane. I use a striker. When I started I used a BBQ lighter, but I gave that up when I switched from MAPP

Elegance_1 2017-10-26 10:29am

I used a BBQ lighter but either a striker or a lighter works. I would think it's safer than a match. I don't want to get singed or fingers burned!

Lorraine Chandler 2017-10-26 1:05pm

Wood match. I light it and move it slowly up under the front of the torch face. Works every time.

Listenup 2017-10-26 3:09pm

I should also mention that after I light mine with a BBQ lighter, I stick it over to the side and cover it with a kevlar sleeve so there's little chance of it getting hit by a piece of popping glass.

glass butterfly 2017-10-26 9:01pm

I used a large wooden match to light my hot head without any problems.

Snakebite69 2017-10-28 4:10pm

I use a striker and I'm using a BBQ propane tank I've always use the striker it's easy it's 1 2 3 I wouldn't use anything else

ESC 2017-10-28 5:34pm


Sue in Maine 2017-10-29 3:21pm

Striker here, too.


losthelm 2017-10-30 7:25am

I use a striker, though I'm tempted to switch to piezo unit or one of the electrical igniters from my welding shop.

butane and zippo style lighters can do bad things if things go wrong.

ESC 2017-10-30 4:50pm

I came across a bunch of novelty metal zippo's from uncle's house when cleaning it out. Is there anything wrong with using those? All have all metal construction.

Sue in Maine 2017-11-01 3:04pm


Originally Posted by ESC (Post 4960983)
I came across a bunch of novelty metal zippo's from uncle's house when cleaning it out. Is there anything wrong with using those? All have all metal construction.

Metal zippos are the best. Safe to use. Kudo's to you on the find.


ohbeads 2017-11-01 7:03pm

Striker... watched dad use a striker all of my life, mom used a striker, sister uses a striker and now my niece uses a striker. Three generations of lampworkers can be wrong ;-)

Bazza181 2018-09-05 11:28pm

I use a striker. i just try to ensure that i direct the sparks into the outlet of the head and it lights every time.

Bob Goolsby 2019-06-13 7:01pm

I started with a striker and moved on to a butane goose-neck BBQ lighter.

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Robin Passovoy 2019-06-14 10:07am

I got my first Hot Head with a kit, and the striker came with it. Learned to use it because it was there. Still have it, as a matter of fact, along with the torch.

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