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elenahernburg 2018-01-25 4:47pm

More murrini
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Tutorial for lampworkers

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a murrini - an assambled flower. There is a pistil, stamens, petals and additional stamens between the petals in the flower. The petals in this flower are special as they are tubular. They look very impressive. They have another nice feature - it's much easier to assemble murrini from them than from any others. Therefore, I recommend that beginners make start with an assembled flower like this one.
In this tutorial, you will find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install the murrini so that the flower pattern is clear and voluminous.
Also, this tutorial will show an interesting color reaction for a good bead design.
I have used COE104: Effetre, Double Helix, Thompson Enamel, and also Valcox frit.
The tutorial includes more than 170 photographs.

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PattyK 2018-01-25 5:10pm


rainygrrl 2018-02-23 7:22pm

Definitely going on my wishlist! Love your murrini!

Frank721 2020-05-27 5:01pm

Love these guess till I can make em I'll just keep buying them lol

Speedslug 2020-05-28 11:00am


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^^^ This ^^^

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