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elenahernburg 2018-07-13 3:17am

BLOOMING ORCHID. Tutorial for lampworkers.
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This tutorial is intended for those who work with COE 104 glass.

In this tutorial you will find step-by-step instructions on how to make a pendant with an orchid flower without mandrel.
The instruction shows the technique of making a murrini of complex design as well as using it in implosion. The technique also includes applying transparent and opaque enamels.
You will learn how to make a multi-layer implosion so that new layers of petals are immersed into a mass of glass, without deforming the previous ones.
Also, the technology of making a lentil pendant without a mandrel and, therefore, without a hole inside glass is shown. You will see how to make a ribbed tubular bale from glass to attach a cord or chain to the pendant.
More than two hundred photos and eighteen diagrams will help you to understand the procedure easily.
The tutorial is accompanied by a video guide on the technique of pulling murrini, which is often a special difficulty for those who are just starting to make murrini. The link is on Page 10.
I use a powerful torch for making murrini, because I make a lot of them. But it is also possible to use a less powerful torch like Minor or Mega Minor from Nortel, as confirmed by my master classess students. It just takes more time.

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