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Judith Billig 2018-07-16 5:07am

Soon available: Guide to Instagram for Glass Artists
Availably in September 2018

The “Guide to Instagram for Glass Artists” was created to take you from zero to hero using this powerful trending platform. Your glass customers are on Instagram and you should be too!

- How to set up your account the right way
- Understanding Instagram and Hashtags
- Finding new Followers
- Advanced Instagram Features
- Posting Basics and Best Practises
- Using Instagram stories to grow your business
- 15 Day Instagram Challenge
- Online delivery with instant access upon purchase. Mix of ebook and webinar (videos)

Last, but not least: Free access to a closed Facebook community group exclusively for people that purchased this Guide - for support, FB live coaching sessions, Q&A and networking with your fellow lampworkers.

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carolinesbeads 2018-07-17 3:55am

How much will this cost?

Thanks Caroline

Judith Billig 2018-07-18 1:20pm


Originally Posted by carolinesbeads (Post 4998739)
How much will this cost?

Thanks Caroline

Caroline, it is not fully ready yet, but I know that I want to try and keep it below $30.
The guide will be accessible online without time limit. You don’t have to be there live at a preset time as so often in webinars. It is a mix of prerecorded videos and ebook/pdf downloads.
The price also includes support in a closed exclusive FB group incl. FB live Q&A sessions.

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glass addict 2018-10-15 4:47pm

Available soon? I'm very interested!

Judith Billig 2018-10-16 10:14am


Originally Posted by glass addict (Post 5011042)
Available soon? I'm very interested!

I was hoping to release it early October, but hit two bumps in the road. One was technical (the web hosting that I selected didn't allow to upload large sized videos), the other was that Instagram released a new version, making all my videos about setting up your profile no longer "current". ](*,)](*,)](*,)
So I'm still working on it, but still need to find the ideal hosting solution and have to update some of the already shot tutorial videos. Booohooo.

If you need to get some answers right now, why don't you join us in our Facebook group (if you haven't done already), where I'm happy to answer all of your questions. You can find here ->

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