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vthadley 2019-06-04 5:52pm

brand new EX-10 concentrator won't turn on
Well, I'm pretty bummed out. I bought an Extreme Oxygen EX-10 from ABR Imagery back in September 2017. Long story short, my mom got cancer and did not win her battle, and then I went through a divorce.

I am finally in a a place where I can get my studio set up. I got everything connected and turned on my oxycon to let it build up some oxygen and.....


Well, the green power light came on for a second, and then it did nothing. I tried the reset button but it didn't help and the light wouldn't turn back on.

Help please? I'm so disappointed :(

Three Muses Glass 2019-06-05 4:26am

I know this sounds terribly simple and you've probably thought of it, but did you check the breakers and/or try plugging it in a different place to see?

Speedslug 2019-06-05 5:03am

Other than popping it open yourself to see if there is anything obvious ( I am a retired Navy electronics tech so I take every opportunity that comes up to get a look inside things) . have you called the company?

Even if it is "out of warranty" they may talk you through trouble shooting it for the simpler stuff.

Subduction 2019-06-05 11:44am

Extreme Oxygen is mostly dead from what I can see so good luck with that. I'd contact ABR.

artsyuno 2019-06-05 1:34pm

There’s a group on facebook called Concentrated Lampworkers. You might try asking there to see if anyone has suggestions.

vthadley 2019-06-05 6:14pm

Thank you all so much! It apparently was a problem with the surge protector I had it plugged into. I switched to a heavy duty 14 gauge extension cord (I have no outlet close enough to my torching area) and it worked just fine.

I'm running my little bethlehem alpha with no problems.

Thanks again!

Speedslug 2019-06-05 10:32pm

Aye, it's easy to forget that oxycons are really heavy duty air compressors with a system of oxygen recovery tanks.

They have to be heavy duty because of the life saving nature of the medical units that need to be depended on 24/7/365.

You will want to make sure your kiln is not on the same circuit breaker line as the oxycon because the two of them will draw a lot of current and you don't want to be chasing tripped circuit breakrs with a blob of hot glass in you hands.

nnantel 2020-01-07 3:05pm

My first EX-20 didn't last a minute before shutting down. It was delivered with a large crack along the back panel and the UPS box was in rough shape. I bought it directly from Extreme Oxygen and they replaced it right away, no fuss. The new one works however I do question the oxygen purity.

suzoom 2021-10-05 11:57am

Which oxygen concentrator are good for lampwork?? Does anyone know where I can purchase a good oxygen concentrator? Thank you!

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