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stafford.glassworks 2019-08-04 2:08pm

Question about torch + hoses
I have a question. I'm a noob here and about to start setting up my shop but first I need to make sure I have the right equipment. I have a national 8m which I plan to run with an sm-21 tip. I bought the Devardi Glass Lampworking Oxygen/propane Torch regulator and hose kit with 2 inch gauges off ebay. There was also an option to buy the same thing but with 3 inch gauges. I admit I'm not really sure what the difference is or if you need one or the other for the specific torch I got. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!

dragonart glass 2019-08-05 4:25am

You definitely need the regulators on tanks to control the amount of gas and oxygen that goes to the torch! You will also want flashback arrestors (also called check valves) to prevent back flow. I don't know anything about that brand of regulator but if it doesn't hold the pressure steady go to your local welding shop or a glass shop (there are good ones on line listed on this site) and get assistance. Regulators are important. There is lots of information available here in the archives too. Good luck and welcome to the addiction!

drewby3396 2019-08-05 9:42am

You need two a stage regulator for your oxygen and propane. Buy good ones. B.F. arrestors are an important safety feature. Check Carlisle, Night, or National for more info. Hopefully, you will never them. Use to work with hydrogen and bfa's were Not an option

Speedslug 2019-08-06 4:49am

Make sure your fuel regulator is designed for the type of fuel you are using.

Garage type acetylene regulators and hoses are made of material that will disintegrate and get gummy on the inside if they are used with propane.

So make sure the regulator you get is for propane if that is your fuel and that the hose is specifically marked as "type T".

Oh and replace them both when they get to be ten or fifteen years old no matter what fuel you use.

The oxygen hose and regulator should not present any problems.

Edited to add; the size of the gage just makes it easier to read from a distance which can be impotent if your torch a lot like in a welding shop or if you tend to make large glass objects.
Nothing worse than running out of gases half way through making a master piece in 2 inches of molten glass.
If you have delivery of tanked oxygen they swap out tanks and sending one back that is only two third empty can be very hard on the pocket book.

Subduction 2019-08-06 9:16am

I have to disagree with drewby's statement that two-stage regulators are needed. Single stage regulators are much cheaper and will have two gauges--source pressure and output pressure.

Shaper 2019-08-06 10:11am

The only time I have ever used a 2 stage regulator is when using liquid oxygen, it is needed to keep the regulator from freezing up. A regulator with 2 dials, one for tank pressure and one for delivery pressure, is what is commonly used, and usually a couple hundred dollars cheaper than a 2 stage regulator. Gauge size is a personal preference. I use regs with 2 inch dials so I can read them from 6 feet away.
By the way most folks use an acetylene regulator for controlling the propane flow. Propane won't melt the regulator.
But you do need to use "Type T" hose for propane because propane will degrade acetylene grade hoses causing your torch to get gummed up and possible leaks.

Robin Passovoy 2019-08-07 9:45am

You might consider getting an oxygen concentrator as well. They aren't cheap, but you don't need a regulator or flashback arrestor, and you can go for years without ever needing a refill. Believe me, they pay for themselves over time, and refurbished is just as good as brand-new for glassworking. and cheaper. A good site to start looking is Good luck!

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