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OlgaIvashina 2020-01-03 4:41am

Raspberries hollow inside. Created by Irina Sergeeva
This workshop is dedicated to creation of raspberries beads. As part of the lesson you will learn:

- the special technique, with the help of which you can create raspberries bead without using the mandrel;

- how the beads stay hollow inside;

- recipes for color combinations;

- get useful tips on how to assemble decoration of the raspberry beads.

The lesson is presented as a video file, the duration is about 1 hour.

About Irina Sergeeva.

She started working with the lampwork in 2007. She learned from Sarah Hornik, Sherry Bellamy, Davide Penso, Margaret Zinser Hunt and others.

She has taught her author's techniques around the world (England, America, Hong Kong, Denmark, Netherlands).

She very likes to work with the texture of glass, pays great attention to decorating the surface of products, fine details.

She uses enamels and precious metals in her works a lot.

Lives in St. Petersburg.

$35 for a tutorial

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