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kdozers 2021-02-28 2:24pm

Vintage Carlisle CC Restoration... worth it?
I bought a vintage Carlisle CC in an online auction lot. I'm considering selling it as I believe it's more torch than I need for simple things to enhance my glass fusing. Would it be better to restore before selling? If so, where would you send it? To Carlisle, or is there another torch wizard out there??? Any advice appreciated. The serial number on the torch is 1225

e? TIA

partycleman 2021-03-16 4:40pm

it looks to be in pretty good shape have you tried running it ?
what would your asking price be if you were to sell it as is ?

Glassy 2021-03-18 12:56am

I have the same torch for sale, in great nick...can anyone tell me what they are worth these days? Thanks

kdozers 2021-03-20 3:26pm

Well, we went ahead and sent to Carlisle. They said it worked fine, but the flame "was not optimum". I went ahead sold it.

Speedslug 2021-03-20 5:25pm

Thanks for the update.

Things like this teach me a lot.

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