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Lepoppet 2021-07-02 6:54am

New Udemy Course
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New Course on Udemy! Here's the link so you can check it out!

Listenup 2021-07-02 9:18am

I get a Oops, can't find...etc message when I click on the link.

Lepoppet 2021-07-02 11:38am

I fixed the link. Sorry

dustine79 2021-09-12 4:14am


Originally Posted by Lepoppet (Post 5108511)

When I visited last time on this forum, this link is doesn't work. But now at this time I am really happy to know that you have fixed this link...thanks...

Lepoppet 2021-09-12 6:51am

You're welcome Dustin79! And the class is now FREE! Enjoy!:grin:

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