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SeanSammon 2020-01-29 6:43pm

Best glass for beads

What would be the best soft glass for bead making? I bought some glass but it is really hard and difficult to work with


Eileen 2020-01-29 6:48pm

Most common glass for beads is probably 104 COE.

If you are using 33, that is borosilicate, and it takes a lot of heat to get it to move, but people do make beautiful beads with it.

COEs 96 and 90 are harder than 104, but nothing like 33. 96 and 90 both have beautiful colors, although there may be a little steeper learning curve from what others have said.

Locococo 2020-01-30 2:31am


Originally Posted by SeanSammon (Post 5060990)
I bought some glass but it is really hard and difficult to work with.

Not that specific to give real advice. ;)

Three Muses Glass 2020-01-30 5:30am

It's probably not the glass, we'd need to know what torch you're using.

echeveria 2020-01-31 12:27pm

Basic inexpensive Effetre transparents and pastels are a great start. You can buy them by the rod from

SeanSammon 2020-02-02 10:36am

I have a Red Max Bench Burner torch. I have purchased some glass rods and they had very hard glass. I have to keep them very hot and the glass is difficult to move. I am just curious what the preferred glass Is for bead making. I know people have different preferences but is there a common ?


Three Muses Glass 2020-02-02 12:22pm

You should be able to do boro (if that's what you have) on your Red Max, depending on oxy. But basically what Eileen and Kathy said. 104 coe like Effetre, CIM, Double Helix, etc. would be the most used for beads.

Eileen 2020-02-02 2:35pm

Sounds like you have boro.

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