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NLC Beads 2022-01-24 3:15pm

1000 Bead Challenge - 2022 Edition
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Anyone else trying for the 1000 Bead Challenge this year?

I'm tallying my bead jar at the first of every month.

January was 105 beads to start the year, which I'll send with February's batch as it'll still fit in a flat rate shipping box.

The ribbed beads are a great way to use up the "what COE is this, anyway?" shorts. :D

ESC 2022-01-24 4:07pm

I've thought about it and will probably get a fair amount done, but nowhere near 1,000. Yours are pretty darn cute.

Eileen 2022-01-24 5:08pm

I did it in 2000, nowhere close in 2021, and I'm not sure if I will get that many in for 2022 or not. I think I will take the pressure off myself and just make and send in what ends up in the bead bowl when I get a box full.
I do have about 125+ now, but as with you, some didn't get mailed in 2021 so it gave me a jump start. Only 35 or 40 of those are from this month. I'm glad to make and send what I can do though, but my back (well a section of my back) begins to swell and give me grief if I try to pack in too many hours within a few days.

NLC Beads 2022-01-25 6:13pm

Thanks for the compliment - I'm posting here and on FB to hold myself accountable.

They consider 500 Bronze level, so if 1000 sounds scary... ;) Any are helpful, and they track how many are sent in there, too.

Frit Diva 2022-01-26 12:57pm

This would be such a good thing for me to do this year ~ I've got a couple of those impression stamps coming, maybe I'll make some of those as little medallions.....

NLC Beads 2022-01-29 9:35pm

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I'd love to see everyone's donations.

95 beads heading there for January.

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