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VivianLampwork 2010-09-13 2:02pm

big container of beads
I have a big container where I put my extra beads from experiments & leftover sets. Is this something I can send to BOC? If not, I'll post it elsewhere & see if any teachers might need them.

Thanks :)

LoriGreenberg 2010-09-13 2:35pm

As long as they're annealed and safe, Beads of Courage can use them!

beadysam 2010-09-15 1:24pm

Are wonkys any good? I'm OCD about my ends but I do have a fair few wonkies thats are clean and annealed, not too fugly but not sellable. I keep meaning to make them into keychains or something but if they have another use...?

RSimmons 2010-09-15 6:48pm

Many of our kids really love the fugly beads. They often choose beads that express how they feel at a certain time or after a difficult procedure. They often take quite a long time to select just the right bead and the beads that many of us think of as 'fuglies' are the ones that are at the top of the hit list. Thanks for thinking of us and rest assured that these beads will find a good home.


LoriGreenberg 2010-09-16 10:11pm

Would love to have what YOU consider fuglies, Sam! And hey,I hear we're working on some UK contract proposals!

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