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cward 2019-09-30 1:56pm

Identify a jewelry finding
Someone gave me a box of jewelry findings and there was a small bag of the things shown in the attached picture. Can someone tell me what they are and how they are used? Thanks

karaokekelly 2019-09-30 2:56pm

This looks like something you use to attach a key fob or something to your phone from back in the day when people made phone charms. You would have to have a phone with a place to connect it and I donít think they make them with that anymore.

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cward 2019-09-30 3:33pm


Chocake 2019-09-30 4:37pm

You could use it as a zipper pull maybe? Purse charm?

kansassky 2019-09-30 5:01pm

Yep. Goes on a cellphone. For phone charms.

Bentley 2019-10-04 8:42pm

I have a pile of them. They are for attaching a bead or dangle to a cell phone. Back in the olden days phones used to have a little hole on the side of them just for that purpose.

cheeky monkey 2019-10-20 10:14am

Great to use for purse charms!!

MagpieGlass 2019-10-20 2:28pm

zipper pulls for kids are still all the rage and even come in handy on purses!!

Speedslug 2019-10-25 11:48pm

If you stuff the loop of thread (or what ever they call it ) through a bead hole and then stuff the miniature key ring end through the loop you can cinch it down and it will trap the bead ( or other 'finding' ) and then you can attach the miniature key ring to anything you want.

Which reminds me that I need to put one of those together to put on as a zipper pull ( or at least a zipper finder) so I don't have to take off my gloves to find my phone or just adjust the heat inside my coat while moving snow this winter.

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