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tdgx07 2021-01-20 5:33pm

Good deal for lampworking equipment?
Hi everyone,

So, to begin, I've wanted to get into lampworking for years. I finally finished college about a year ago and decided that I would go ahead and buy some equipment. I've done quite a bit of metal sculpture in the past, so I'm not entirely new to the whole art thing, though I understand that it's an entirely different process. My question is this. I found someone selling their entire setup on facebook and I'm thinking that I might like to purchase it. The problem is that I don't know how much to offer them. They said $2,000 or best offer but that sounds a little high to me. What do you guys think?

Here's a list of the equipment.
-Jen-Ken Kiln Chili Pepper with operating manuel (serial# 4598)
-Various grippers, tweezers, points, shapers, tools, etc
- 5 corks, various sizes
-Victor CutSkill propane regulator (model# (D250-15-510)
-Chicago Welding Oxygen Regulator (item# 94846)
-Nortel Machinery torch- Midrange Plus premix
-2 color guide charts, product magazine,
-Blow hose with adapter kit
-Many clear and colored glass rods, tubing, and powdered color
-3 specialty color tubes

They do have quite an assortment of glass, but not so much that it's overwhelming.

Any better alternatives? I plan to mostly make pendants, pipes, and do some occasional sculpture.

echeveria 2021-01-21 8:24am

Depends on the #'s of color.

echeveria 2021-01-21 8:25am

No way I would use someone else's blow hose!!

ESC 2021-01-21 3:24pm

Yeah, depending on just exactly what colors they have (some is 412/#, some is $100/#) and how much of it they have.

tdgx07 2021-01-21 7:10pm

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tdgx07 2021-01-21 7:12pm

Here's a picture of the glass. I hope this helps to determine a fair market value for these items.

Speedslug 2021-01-21 8:04pm

Is that all Boro?

echeveria 2021-01-21 8:07pm

Any eyeglasses? Shade 3 or 5? That is not much color. Looks like the sample packs sold by Glass Alchemy and Northstar. Clear is cheap.

echeveria 2021-01-21 8:20pm

New prices at Mountain Glass Arts
Chili pepper $619
Mid range plus premix $462
Regulators ~ $95 each
You can keep looking up stuff on their site, and then discount based on age/condition. Add it up. My guess is that they may have over 2k in it all, but what shape are things in, and is it stuff you will use.

Things I would not use: blow hose that somebody else has been spitting into; old torch hoses.
Do you know that the kiln and torch run properly?

tdgx07 2021-01-21 9:06pm

I have been doing some price checking for the past few hours as well. It's looking like for the $2,000 I can buy almost everything brand new. I think that I would also end up going with a GTT Lynx torch instead. She sent me videos of torch and kiln running but that's all I have to go off of. I think I'm going to tell her that $2,000 is probably close to what it would cost new, but unless she's willing to cut the price down quite a bit, I'll just buy new. That also gives me the freedom to piece a kit together that's perfectly suited for what I want. What she does have is a lot of tools that would cost me quite a bit to purchase, but that wouldn't be enough to sway me into buying used gear at new gear prices.

echeveria 2021-01-22 12:09pm

You can often find tools separately on the destash pages on Facebook, Glass and Glass Tools Sales & Search, Lampwork Supplies Destash, Destash Supplies for the Lampwork Artist. I may have those a bit wrong, but searches of those will turn up the right sites.

You may or may not need the tools she has, but you can also sell things yourself on those Facebook pages.

tdgx07 2021-01-22 8:37pm

She said she'll take $1500. What do you guys think for that price? The more I look the more I'm considering the GTT scorpion but I could also use the mid range for a while and then upgrade.

LBJ 2021-01-23 12:25am

Ok, lets cut to the chase.
Unless there's $400-$500+ in premium colors, pass.
You can build one of those holding kilns for approx. $250-$300.

echeveria 2021-01-23 8:42am

I still think that is a bit much. I would probably pay $1k, if I was sure it included tools I could actually use.

LBJ, I think the digital controller bumps the price of the build to higher than that? Also, do you know where there are plans for them? I see lots of people ask how to do it.

LBJ 2021-01-23 9:21am

Let me do some digging on FB. A few people have posted the builds for these type of hot boxes. I don't like the "Tool Box" type because of the Kaowool fibers floating everywhere, You can seal it with a colloidal solution but you don't want to be breathing that stuff. I've built crucible furnace before but not kilns. Too much dust for my taste. I just buy completed units these days.

In reference to the "Controller" board, if you use one such as a Sentry 5.0 then you are correct about pricing. Sentry 5.0 MSRP is $360.

Bare with me and I'll see if I can dig up the last build post I seen on FB.
Don't hold your breath, it may be a few days.

echeveria 2021-01-23 9:51am

Thanks LBJ

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