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Jennifer Geldard 2008-09-15 10:14am

Ornate Series Tutorial is up on Etsy!


pittypat 2008-09-15 1:02pm

Beautiful, Jennifer...just ordered!! Now I would love for your next one to be about your enamel use. I took your class in Yorktown, Virginia about two years ago, and my notes sucked!! You did a lot of enamel beads, and you did the one on your cards. So many of use need help with enamels!!

Great tut, thanks, Pat

Parrotise 2008-09-15 2:52pm

whoo-hoo!!! Just ordered mine! Thanks so much, can't wait to get it!

Ekkie 2008-09-15 4:53pm

Oooooooh!!! Just ordered it. I'm so excited. Thanks Jen. I have one of your ornate series beads and adore it.


Over the Moon 2008-09-15 5:49pm

YAY! Oh pulease say the next one will be your Bird one...:love:

pittypat 2008-09-15 5:54pm

yeah, the BIRD!!!!! And, Jen, I don't think Ann has ever made a bird!!! We all need a Bird....with a little enamel work on the side!!!! Sometime next week will be fine, thank you.................Pat

lbloomer 2008-09-15 7:17pm

ok, just ordered, can't wait to learn how to do this!! Jaquetta

Parrotise 2008-09-15 7:37pm

Yes, please do one on birds!!! BTW, got the tut and it is wonderful! Thank you!

Elleth 2008-09-15 8:39pm

I got this tutorial today and fired up the torch as soon as it arrived in my email.
It's a really fun bead to make!
As soon as my "ornate" bead is out of the kiln I'll post a picture.
Thanks for the great tutorial Jennifer!

Ekkie 2008-09-15 10:14pm

This tutorial is fantastic. I have made one "ornate bead" already and I only bought and received the tut this morning. There is plenty of room for improvement with my first bead but I'm thrilled with how it turned out.

Thank you Jen. Next tutorial please!!!

A_Glass_Bash 2008-09-16 12:39am

I aM TELLING YOU ALL that's a freaking steal. I took the class and took notes and I think next month when I get a bit o play money I'll be getting it. LOL I look at my notes and go WHAT the HECK was that supposed to mean. LOL

Elleth 2008-09-16 8:47am

Fresh out of the kiln...
This is the first one I made from this tutorial.
It's a big bead, 48mm, I had a hard time keeping it from cracking, but it was a great excersise in heat control!
I'm going to play with this again today. :)

pittypat 2008-09-16 9:06am

Maggie, WOW...I love it...I am going to take a pix if you don't mind and add it to the tut...that looks great!!


Elleth 2008-09-16 9:24am

Thanks Pat! :)
Go ahead and use the image if you want, I am also learning how to take pictures of beads and this was the best one so far.

Jennifer Geldard 2008-09-16 11:30am

Woo Hoo!!!
Awesome Maggie!!

ukiacat 2008-09-17 10:47am

I just got this tutorial yesterday and I'm having lots of fun. So far I've made two beads. The first one was very big because I couldn't picture how large it would grow. I'm posting a picture of the second one. I think the ornate part on the top of the bead is a bit too long but I was covering up some of the dark teal glass I'd used... because the color transition was too strong.
Jennifer has great instructions for choosing colors but I was in a hurry to try another bead. Also, on this one I skipped the ornate addition at the bottom on the bead. Anyway, this is a well done tutorial. It's lots of fun and I can't wait to play with it some more! Thanks for putting it together for us Jennifer!


Rose 2008-09-17 10:51am

Beautiful beads! Now I need to get the tutorial :)

Jennifer Geldard 2008-09-17 10:14pm

Jennifer! That rocks!! Beautiful!!

ukiacat 2008-09-18 1:55pm

I'm still working to understand the tops of these beads and the spacing of the wraps. These are a pretty darn time consuming bead....taking at least as long as my encased florals but I'm........ Having. So. Much. Fun.

I apologize for hogging! ;)

Pat 2008-09-18 2:13pm

Holy cow those are beautiful . I've got to take a picture.

enemyofthestate 2008-09-18 3:37pm

I can't wait to try these out... I just bought one of each tutorials :D

pittypat 2008-09-18 4:37pm

Gorgeous, Jennifer!! I want the last one...I see eyes and a pretty crown!!


Jennifer Geldard 2008-09-19 8:54am

Those are wonderful!!
Looking at these pictures is like having grandbabies... :) I get to see the results without having to do all the work!! LOL

Curly Irish Girl 2008-09-19 11:15am

Jen - is the same as you teach in the classes? Just trying to not buy what I've already got from the WONDERFUL class you did at Portia's!

*Naos* 2008-09-19 11:24am

WOW - the beads are just delicious. As soon as I get some payments in ,I'm gonna buy the tut!

Jennifer Geldard 2008-09-20 5:58am

Hi Lynn,
Nope... no new info.
It's the same worries!

kittyluv4ever 2008-09-20 9:16am

Hi Jen,
Sent you an e-mail, got your e-mail but no attachments. Am I supposed to be downloading the file from your site?

playswithfire104 2008-09-20 9:42am

Just ordered mine!!! Looks great!

LesleyMac 2008-09-20 12:53pm

I have had such fun with this tutorial, thanks Jen.
I need a lot more practice to get neater and get things in better proportion, also picking the colours is not easy. Its also given me ideas on other things so I have really enjoyed it.

The first one is as per the tut, but I made the one end too small in the end and ended up with too much enamel, but I love the colours anyhow, it also ended up big at 2.1/2 inches long, oops.

The next one was my second attempt, changed the colours, not happy with it really but its all good practice.

pittypat 2008-09-20 1:12pm

Lesley, I love the colors of the second one!! You can send it my way, as I haven't tried one yet!!


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