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Ever After 2008-09-26 3:39pm

Crazy For Daisies Now Available! 2 florals! available!
Whew! I may need a chiropracter now! But I finished My tutorial ON raised round daisies, and full bloomed daisies!

I"m trying to use totally diferent techniqies on each tutorial I make, so this is all new!
alot of fun!

NO real special tools or glass needed,
any coe basically (that we commonly use)
I do use am exacto knife, on the round style, and on the full bloomed style
I use and exacto knife,a dental pick, a large mandrel, and a lentil press, The lentil press is not neccesary, but it sure makes life alot easier, a spree type press would work too. and you could make your own base with a masher, BUt the more round the base the better..

Available on etsy of course!

also I wanted to send a big thanks to everyone supporting us tutorial writers!

Beadbug 2008-09-26 6:39pm

That looks Beautiful, I can't wait to get it.

Ever After 2008-09-26 6:48pm

Thank you!!
see you tomorrow!! gotta go brown taco meat, :) lol

pegz 2008-09-27 6:22am

I'm so excited!!! It's downloading right now!!!

Thanks Laurie!

lorleek 2008-09-27 10:22am

It looks great Laurie! I can't wait to try it.

Ever After 2008-09-27 3:21pm

Thank you !!!

KJJames 2008-09-27 7:18pm

Another fabtabulous tut by the Flower Sculpting Qween!

Beadbug 2008-09-27 7:23pm

I got the privilege of seeing Laurie's beads in person today and they are BEAUTIFUL she is very nice too. I purchased several of her tuts but seeing them in person made me want to run home to my torch and practice my pansies in a larger size, it seems as if I work a tad smaller than her... like half the size. The little daises are sooo cute.

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