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BBB 2009-02-09 7:20pm

Tiger Heart Tutorial
The Tiger Heart Tutorial only $8.

A glass tutorial covering how to make glass tiger beads & hearts using the following techniques:
White Heart Beads
Stringer control
Dot Placement
Basic Sculpting Techniques

This tutorial is GREAT for Beginners and Advanced lampworkers.

Save even more by using code IPADNOW at etsy checkout!

The technique I show for the heart is a perfect way to save those wonky beads that get the dunk or are destined for the back of a drawer.

You do not need any special tools, only a marver, mashers, and a razor tool that I show you how to make for less than $5.

This tutorial is 13 pages long and has over 60 color photographs. It is available from my Love's Devotion Etsy. All proceeds are being set aside to purchase the equipement that my autistic twins need to stay in mainstream school.
Thank you for looking.

Meow Meow Beads 2009-02-09 7:24pm

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WOW BBB This is KEWL BEANS!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! GREAT PICS TOO!!!!:poke:

BBB 2009-02-10 1:23pm

Tiger Bead and Heart Tutorial
Thanks Sue. I added a post on my blog about what it takes to put a tutorial together. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Meow Meow Beads 2009-02-10 4:23pm

Kewl beans!!!! Going to check it out!!!!

Art of Hand 2009-02-11 1:02am

Whoohooo! got it! gotta go and play now!

Art of Hand 2009-02-13 12:28am

Look what I did!
I got Davina's very easy to follow Tutorial, and this is what I made! The tutorial is really nicely put together and the instructions clear and easy to follow.

I did not have clear glass, so I used a champagne coloured transparent for my encasing. The bead that is sitting on the tip of the mandrel got a teeny bit of brown opaque in it too, and I am real pleased with it! Now I need to make more for a special project that I have in mind :lol:

Thank you Davina for putting this Tutorial out there!

Meow Meow Beads 2009-02-13 6:57am

Diane Those ROCK!!!! I havent made one yet but maybe today. I will post a pic as soon as I can make one. Davina has got a blog spot and a contest going on in her blog...go enter your beads girl!!!!!! I read it real fast but scan it over it was about the contest.

Art of Hand 2011-07-04 11:23pm

Glad to see your tutorial is still available, Davina. I need to make some more tiger beads :-)

BBB 2011-07-05 1:46pm

Thanks Diana. I made a couple last night. it was fun trying to do it with only one nice working hand lol but I think I got them ok. I will have to post pictures later.

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