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sortaflower 2011-06-13 5:28pm

Copper Plum Twist Lentil - New Tut!
:) just released - happy glass melting! Daniel & Jenelle
On sale in our Etsy shop at

Teena 2011-06-21 8:01pm

Very pretty, I checked your Etsy shop but didn't see the tutorial listed.

Shrimp 2011-06-21 8:55pm

They have nice tutorials at great prices. Very pretty bead Janelle!

sortaflower 2011-06-21 9:34pm

Thank you! =~)

sortaflower 2011-06-21 9:36pm

Sorry I missed your post earlier Teena- here is the direct link to this eBook on Etsy. :) Jenelle

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