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sortaflower 2011-08-25 3:45pm

New $5 tutorial - Purple Sculpted Flower :)
a little late in the season but.... introducing our newest tutorial, Grape Escape Floral Lentil =~) Intermediate, lots of pics, lots of fun to make.

Happy Glass Melting! :koolaid: Daniel & Jenelle

New2glassgal 2011-08-25 4:50pm

Just ordered mine!

sortaflower 2011-08-25 4:57pm

Thanks Marti Ann! :) Just sent... have fun♥ Jenelle

simvet02 2011-08-26 6:07pm

Love purple, just ordered mine too.

sortaflower 2011-08-26 7:31pm

Thanks Janet, sent =~)

debb 2011-08-27 1:03am

:grin: Just ordered mine and another too

sortaflower 2011-08-27 10:57am

Thanks Debbie, sent, have a fun weekend! =~) j

debb 2011-08-27 11:26am

Got them thanks Jenelle, it's a bank holiday weekend here so I get an extra day to play :)

dkpmd04 2011-08-27 1:03pm

Just ordered mine plus another one too!
Can't wait to play!

sortaflower 2011-08-27 6:10pm

♥ Lucky Deb!=~)
♥ Thanks Dawn! Sent, have fun!

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