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*Naos* 2013-07-12 12:24pm

Indian Summer - A Recipe eBook
This digital-download PDF Tutorial will guide you through making glass beads from one of my favorite designs - Indian Summer.

The set is comprised of 13 different bead designs which come together to create a cohesive set. I will give you step-by-step written instructions on how to make each bead as well as tips for working the glass and various ingredients for each bead. The tutorial also reveals how I make my Nebulosity beads ~wiggles brows~! A photo gallery at the end of the tutorial shows final results.

This tutorial is intended for Intermediate Beadmakers who have an understanding of the safety precautions observed when working with enamel, silver glass, frit, shards and metals in lampworking. HotHead friendly! I do use some Odd Lots in this tut. Also, Double Helix glass and frit as well as shards from Avenue Beads, a smattering of enamels, silver foil and silver wire so it runs the gamut. Since there are 13 individual recipes, I believe you can find more than a few golden nuggets of information in this tutorial to use for your own beads or just simply recreate the set for your enjoyment. :)

Full-color photos, e-book, 10 pages. The Digital file is 699K. You can download it directly from Etsy after your purchase.

You can also purchase with a Check or Money Order - contact me for details.

No returns are accepted for digital files.

*Naos* 2013-07-12 4:38pm

Oh and there's no Z99 in this one ;)

Jennefer 2013-07-12 7:47pm

Multi Speckles and Nebulosity are so pretty! Thank you for sharing your recipes.

How thin is the stringer in Nebulosity? Hair thin or 1 mm? Larger?


*Naos* 2013-07-12 8:48pm

1mm is my standard stringer size for designs. Hair thin scares me. :lol:

Jennefer 2013-07-12 8:55pm

Thank you!

dkpmd04 2014-03-11 7:46am

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I wanted to show my results. I learned some new techniques that I don't think I would have tried.
Some glass I did not have so I improvised and I think the set still turned out pretty well.

*Naos* 2014-03-11 7:58am

Dawn, I think they look great! YAY! :)

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