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*Naos* 2013-09-17 6:30pm

The Healing Hand - A Tutorial
I have a new tutorial - one that is close to my heart and I hope you like it, too!

In this tutorial, I teach you how to "draw" a Healing Hand symbol on your bead. Full-color photographs and written instructions are included. 11 pages, 1.6MB instant download on Etsy! $24.95

You just need to make your own base bead and then be able to pull 1mm stringer - that's it. I show you the rest! :)

PURCHASE HERE (click on photo to go to Etsy listing):

As always, I'll be willing to answer questions via PM or in this post if the answer doesn't give away the instructions. :)

*Naos* 2013-09-23 4:13pm

Anyone has some results to show yet? :)

ROC 2013-09-23 4:24pm

Here's my second try from Amber's tutorial. Although this bead doesn't seem to show it, Amber's pictures have been really helpful for my stringer control. My first try was a lot worse!! I'll post again after I've had a chance to make another one.

*Naos* 2013-09-23 4:29pm

YAY Rachel! It looks good! :) The fingers take some practice - you rocked the spiral!! :)

*Naos* 2013-09-23 4:36pm

For reference about practice...

Here's one of my first healing hand beads...

Here's a recent one:

ROC 2013-09-23 4:39pm

Aw, thanks Amber. I feel a lot better about my prospects. There's definitely a learning curve.

*Naos* 2013-09-26 5:08am

Has anyone else had a chance to play with it? ~hopeful look~

ROC 2013-09-27 4:12pm

So, here's my next try. And if I'd taken the computer out to the studio (or at least printed out a picture) I would have realized you don't have three of the fingers touching the hand, which looks better. Sorry for the cruddy phone picture, I didn't have the camera in the studio, either. This is Reichenbach Dense Blue on CiM Blue Steel and the colors are much better in person.

*Naos* 2013-09-27 4:16pm

Rachel, are you kidding me? It's gorgeous! By all means, attach the fingers!

ROC 2013-09-27 4:55pm

Aww, thanks. Now you made me blush.

SGA 2013-09-29 6:03am

Amber I haven't but I'm out there today. I'll have efforts to show tomorrow.

PS: a bear tut would be Ah-May-Zing.... *hint hint* ;)

simvet02 2013-10-03 2:02pm

I have always loved your healing hand beads Amber, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

*Naos* 2013-10-03 4:48pm

You're welcome, Jan! I hope you like the tutorial and I would love to see any results you're willing to share. :)

SerendipityArtGlass 2013-10-28 10:11pm

I tried my 'hand' at these. Had a great time. The big one was a GIGANTIC lentil, almost as big a the palm of my hand. In my excitement of having a new tutorial, I wasn't thinking about turning on the kiln and it didn't survive in the crockpot. :pout: The other attempts are on tabs just a hair smaller than a quarter. A lot more challenging especially for me. I was having loads of trouble seeing my flame when I turned it down so today I painted my bench flat black and tomorrow-practice, practice, practice.

So, here are my first attempts at the hand (and also my first attempts at using stringer for anything other than abstract trailings). There were more attempts. The ones I really messed up are on the back sides :-D.

Thank you Amber. Great tut! I'll keep trying.

*Naos* 2013-10-29 5:32am

Marie - How sad about the big one! :( but you really did a great job on these! :love: As you get more comfortable making them, start the spiral closer to the edge of your tab and you'll have more room to extend the fingers. :)

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