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Brontobrat 2021-04-07 5:51am

Oxygen concentrator
I am looking for an oxygen concentrator. Are there any sellers on LE that are still selling them? Any suggestions for the best deal?

Thanks :waving:

juniemoon 2021-04-08 8:55am

Sometimes I look on Craig's list, I also got one free from an oxygen dealer, but I do get that one. I'm excited for it because it is used in a very clinic and I acquired through my shop. It doesn't get up to an oxygen level needed for doggie surgery,but I haven't even plugged it in. I wasn't lampworking at the time. You cab fill a small tank of oxygen that is portable. I gotta dig that baby out. Anyone know anything about using something like that?

Love ya, junie

juniemoon 2021-04-08 8:56am

A vet clinic, and I DONT get it

JGarcia 2021-04-21 3:21pm

I purchased a modified concentrator from Flame Tree in Roswell Georgia. I do know that they are very heavy, I got my for $299.00.

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