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Anakin's Glass Eye 2005-07-26 12:12am

Oxycon poor performance in the heat wave?
I have a Companion 590 oxygen concentrator with O2 concentration sensor/indicator. I've noticed that during this wonderful midwestern heat wave we're having, the O2 quality bounces back and forth between NORMAL and BELOW NORMAL. My usage habits have not changed and I'm less than 10,000 hours on the concentrator so I'm pretty sure it's operating normally and the sieve media is OK (i.e. not in need of maintenance).

I'm thinking the very high ambient room temperature (90+) affects the efficiency of the concentrator. This makes sense to me (in my overly analytical head), but I thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone knows anything.

What do ya think?

KariFL 2005-07-26 3:32am

Being from hot humid Florida, when I was researching concentrators for purchase I remember reading that they work best at 75 degrees and they don't really like humidity. So I think you are right on the money. Is there a way you can put your concentrator in another room in the AC and run a longer hose to your torch?


Anakin's Glass Eye 2005-07-26 9:53am

Hey, your cat looks like my cat!

Unfortunately, no air conditioning. A response to my posting on Melting Pot also suggested humidity might be the cause. I guess all I had to do is wait it out. It seems the heat wave has moved East, its upper 70's right now, perfect weather for anything. I'll fire up the oxycon today and I bet it will work as expected.

Roseanne 2005-07-26 10:11am

It's definately the humidity. I had that same problem when we lived in Ohio and I worked in the garage. Is there somewhere in your house u can set up?

DesertDreamer 2005-07-26 10:21am

I'd bet it's the humidity, not the heat. I've worked outside with my oxycon for the last 2 years and not had a problem, even in 100+ temps, but very LOW humidity. (Gotta love the desert for that!)

IF-Designs 2005-07-26 10:31am

The humidity is a big issue too if you can run air conditioning into your studio to try to dry out and get the humidity out of the room and out of the sieve beds of your concentrator.

Anakin's Glass Eye 2005-07-26 1:54pm

Thanks everyone. I think we are all in agreement. It's the humidity not the heat.

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