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Shear Design 2017-04-30 2:35pm

Frit Help!
Hi! Help! Have been trying to make frit bead using large lentil press. I keep getting a "sizzling" sound, and tiny pock marks on the surface of the glass. Doesn't seem to matter whether more or less oxygen/propane. I am using Effetre Super Clear and Glass Diversions Peacock frit. Any suggestions?

KJohn 2017-04-30 3:44pm

Sounds like overheating. What kind of torch?

Shear Design 2017-04-30 5:57pm

Just a Minor...running off 2 - 5 lpm oxycons, but keep candles short...
I would think it was EDP in the frit, but it only happens in the clear!

KJohn 2017-04-30 9:24pm

It's hard to gauge the heat of clear, IMO. Have you tried pressing it sooner? It might be a matter of timing. Doesn't need to be too soupy. Also you can shape it a bit before you add the frit, although I know the effects aren't quite the same.

Shear Design 2017-04-30 10:11pm

Think I'm lentil press challenged...I've tried pressing it sooner, but it just goes "klink" lol!
Even just trying to get rid of chill marks, I'm having this problem...
Will post pic when out of kiln tomorrow...thanks for your help!

Shear Design 2017-05-01 9:24am

Here it is...out of kiln...
I had an "ah ha" moment around 3 am -- I laid down a clear core, silver leaf, then encased in clear before frit...maybe silver reaction if encasement not thick enough?

Listenup 2017-05-01 2:00pm

I think you may be boiling the turquoise color in the frit - this color is known for that (doesn't seem to matter what brand.) Work way cooler - either turn the flame down or work farther out in the flame and see if that helps you get the results you're looking for.

KJohn 2017-05-01 3:34pm

Ah, you are using silver leaf/foil! The silver is definitely sparking. and it will cause some reactions with the frit colors, like the blues especially. I get that all the time when I make silver foiled frit beads. It's ok, in that case. It will do that. But be careful not to overheat as it will pit or devit more often.

Also worth mentioning that pressed beads are not usually pressed all in one go. It can take 2-5 times of heating gently and pressing to refine the shape. So your glass might be hot enough to start, and you just reheat and do it again. I hope this helps. Pretty bead! I LOVE the peacock frit.

Shear Design 2017-05-01 9:01pm

Thanks for your help! I will give it another go...

Listenup 2017-05-02 4:51am

I should not have called the color turquoise, brain fart there because that implies an opaque color. I should have said aqua which is transparent. Sorry about that.

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