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jellybellykelley 2019-03-10 2:03pm

hot head success
I have never worked much with a hot head because I started with a Nortel minor, but I want to take a hot head to a show and use it to demo. I remember the glass melting very slowly and looking dirty. How can I avoid pitfalls? I know others have had success. Is mapp gas the only way to go?

Eileen 2019-03-10 3:45pm

One thing is to remember to back off the torch head. There is more gas in the flame the closer you are to the torch, and it can soot and burn the glass unless you take it out a bit. Also, don't turn the flame up higher than you need it.
I can't remember the other stuff, I haven't had mine out in a while. But I would definitely practice before you go, so you can get a feel for it.

Chocake 2019-03-10 4:53pm

Work about an inch above the candle. I think ArrowSpings(??) has a tut/guide sheet on the anatomy of the flame on a hot head that might prove useful.

jellybellykelley 2019-03-10 5:04pm

Thank you!

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