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Iwantonetoo 2017-06-10 8:23am

BOC night! (Chicagoland) June 16, 2017
Friday evening June 16, at Fine Line in St Charles IL.

I love the BOC program, and at our last faculty meeting I asked if we could dedicate a session (or more) to specifically make BOC beads for donation. This will be our first one.

We have 12 torches, good ventilation, glass donated by Ed Hoys (about 5 pounds), eye wear, mandrels, bead release and basic tools. (graphite, tweezers etc...) I'll also likely bring a bunch of bead rollers.

I'll open the doors at 5, and close them at 9. Can't get there until 7? not a problem! I'm just opening the doors at 5 kind of like an open house.

If you're interested in coming, please e-mail
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rainygrrl 2017-06-15 7:01pm

That is awesome! Wish I could join you.

Iwantonetoo 2017-06-18 12:32pm

We're scheduled to be an official host studio for BOC in September, so maybe you can join us then.

Our "trial run" went well. We only had 7 people, but managed to make 66 beads. (I'll post pictures once they're cleaned)

Eileen 2017-06-18 2:20pm


SStephen 2017-06-18 5:24pm

Even though I was a last minute addition, glad I made it! It was a lot of fun to meet everyone and happy to support a good cause when I can. The studio was awesome too. Looking forward to the pic of everybody's work!

Iwantonetoo 2017-06-22 9:48am

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Here's our Pile.😊 Not bad for our trial run. Imagine how many we can make on September 9, as an official host studio! We're all very excited and loved having sfew new faces!

SStephen 2017-06-27 4:43am

Nice work! Thanks for posting the picture.

Pat 2017-07-16 1:32pm

How fun! Great pile of beads.

CraigT 2017-08-03 8:06am

Are you still having the September meetup?

Iwantonetoo 2017-08-03 5:56pm

Yes CraigT we are.

September 9. I thought I made a new post about it. I better go do that! :-)

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