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Highdee 2013-01-09 1:37pm

Can I use the same hose?
Hello everyone,

I am a newbie from the Little Apple. I am using a hothead torch with bulk fuel (propylene which I am told is the same as MAPP gas). I am thinking of converting to propane. But... 1) Can I use the same bulk tank hose adaptor for my propane tank that I used for my propylene and 2) is one gas better than the other when using a hothead torch?

Thank you in advance for your opinions!


shawnette 2013-01-09 1:56pm

1. Yes, you can definitely use the same hose.

2. Propylene burns a little hotter and cleaner than propane, but not enough to justify the huge price difference. Propane is wayyyy cheaper.

allicat 2013-01-09 2:27pm

yep, same hoses is fine.

In terms of which, depends on what you're doing IMHO. I use a HH and find propane is filthy. I cannot get clean whites, pale blues, etc with propane. Obviously, using dark colors like black, doesn't present the same issues. I also find reduction glasses over reduce even if I am not reducing them when using propane. I don't have those issues with MapPro (Mapp is no longer in production; hasn't been since 2008), which is mostly propylene and traces of propane. But, as Shawnette said, there is that price difference *sigh*


steiconi 2013-01-09 2:30pm

I used to use MAPP on my hothead, but switched to propane for the price.
The biggest difference I've noticed is that clear and alabastros/opalinos smoke up a lot more often/easily. Superclear seems to resist the smoke, and I simply gave away the other problem glass.

woozles 2013-01-09 3:18pm

I use propane with my hothead and the only time i had an issue was when i changed tanks. now i have a tank i know is clean and refuse to change. I also get it form one source. The propane dealers will tell you it makes no difference, but i feel liek it does.

shawnette 2013-01-09 3:20pm

If you find that your propane is dirty, try doing refills instead of tank swaps. If you're doing refills and it's dirty, get refilled somewhere else. That is, if you're in a location that allows you those options...

Highdee 2013-01-09 7:18pm

Thanks everyone.

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