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amyhoust 2013-05-12 2:40pm

Friday Feature - "GODDESSES"- want to be featured on my blog?
Hey everybody - next week's feature (for Friday, May 17th) the theme is going to be GODDESSES. Anything involving goddess related lampwork beads is welcome - jewelry, bead sets, etc. This is free publicity for your work so please take advantage!

If you would like to be featured in my blog, please email ( or PM me the following:

1. Name (or name of business/shop)
2. Link to your website/blog if you have one
3. Link to your shop (Etsy, eBay, etc) if you have one
4. Name and short description (1-2 sentences is fine) of your piece
5. Photo of your piece

I will be featuring up to 10 artists on my blog next Friday. If I receive more than 10 submissions, I will have to choose my 10 favorites. The blog is located here:

Thank you everyone. Oh and it's completely OK if you've already been featured, or if you're a newbie... everyone welcome.

marla0416 2013-05-12 4:07pm

I enjoy reading your blog Amy. Thank you.

rachelle 2013-05-14 12:28am

hi Amy! just emailed you!

amyhoust 2013-05-16 11:06am

Thanks to those of you who have submitted entries, and hoping to get a few more. Anyone else with fabulous goddesses to share?

amyhoust 2013-05-17 9:04am

Here is my Goddesses Friday Feature:

Thanks all!

dla 2013-05-17 5:24pm

As usual, nicely done Amy. Thanks for doing this and for adding my goddess. :)

rachelle 2013-05-19 1:01am

very nice! thanks!

tilegoddess 2013-05-19 7:22am

Very cool!! Thanks so much for including my fluffy "pleated" lady/goddess ;p

*Naos* 2013-05-22 1:24pm

Oooh, all the goddesses look great!

Josephtheterrible 2013-05-23 3:53pm

2 Attachment(s)
I know I'm late but, Here is what you could have featured in your blog lol

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