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AmyGlassCraft&BeadExpo 2016-12-21 2:13pm

Glass Craft & Bead Expo 2017!!
100 days till Glass Craft & Bead Expo 2017!! We are very excited about the classes that we will be offering this year both from our returning instructors and the new instructors added this year, and very grateful for the glass companies that are providing product. Registration is open! Please visit our Facebook page regularly for more information. You can sign up for classes here:
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LisaSt.Martin 2017-01-03 9:26am

Can't wait. It'll be so much fun to have all our ISGB friends there for The Gathering. Two of my favorite events - same time - same place. Wish I could clone myself so I can be at all the events.

JulieV 2017-01-10 10:17pm

Looking forward to it!

jeepinwelch 2017-01-14 9:43am

I got a class for Christmas so I'll see you there!

TIrwin 2019-11-08 2:34pm

Hi Amy

When can I register for Glass Craft & Bead Expo 2020? The FAQ says to keep checking back but typically you can register late October and it's now early November.

patsy lee m 2019-11-30 11:36am

I hope you got an answer before now....ISGB opened 11-25 with courtesy opening for GCBE ....
I hope to be at the ISGB/ BCGE LE get together ☺️

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