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Lilion 2018-08-09 10:46am

Total Newbie Oxycon Question
How the heck do you hook this up? I really have tried to find the answer, but I haven't. I apologize if I sound like an idiot, but I'm brand new to this.

I bought a Respironics oxygen concentrator (it was a heck of a deal). The photo is the little nozzle where the air comes out.

It does not appear to come off. For medical use you'd just pop the little clear plastic hose over it, I guess. But I have the red/green propane/oxygen hoses that are supposed to screw onto something.

How do you make those two things go together? Is there an adapter that I can buy? Can someone direct me to a photo of one or a site where I can buy one?

To prove I've looked, I HAVE seen these -

But they seem to need something to screw onto...My oxycon doesn't have anything to screw onto.

notrhydon 2018-08-09 11:07am

For my hoses I was able to just cut the brass fitting off the hose with a knife and push fit the hose on the barbed fitting to the oxycon. I've got the same type of unit for oxygen.

Lilion 2018-08-09 1:46pm


Originally Posted by notrhydon (Post 5002175)
For my hoses I was able to just cut the brass fitting off the hose with a knife and push fit the hose on the barbed fitting to the oxycon. I've got the same type of unit for oxygen.

I had no idea the inner diameter of the hoses were that small! I actually have it on order and will get it in a day or two, so I'll take a look at that. I was just assuming they would be far too large.

Shaper 2018-08-09 3:47pm

in your last picture the brass fitting is a female "B" fitting like you find on the end of your hose. If you go to welding supply store you can buy a "male to male coupler for B fittings" and screw it onto your hose. Then take a piece, about 6 inches, of the hose you got with the concentrator and slip it over the concentrator barb and slip that brass barbed "B" fitting into the other end, then you can connect your hose. I would use hose clamps on the barbs also, even though the pressure on that system is small enough it probably isn't needed.
I like to keep the fittings on my hoses but if you don't see any need for it then go ahed and cut the fitting off and slip it over the barb on your machine. I would still put a hose clamp on it though, never can tell what will get against your hose.

Lilion 2018-08-09 6:37pm

I didn't get any hose with the concentrator. I assume I can find the 'B' fitting at a decent hardware store?

Shaper 2018-08-09 8:36pm

Maybe so. If there is a welding supply store they will have them. Airgas, prax air etc. Amazon may have them, they are for 1/4 inch I/D hoses. I know that Mountain Glass and Sundance Glass have them available.
They may have hose by the foot also.

Lilion 2018-08-09 8:50pm


Originally Posted by Shaper (Post 5002284)
They may have hose by the foot also.

That leads me to a question, it seems like 25 feet is a lot of hose for the oxygen. I see the propane - it has to go out the door, but the oxycon is pretty quiet. Is there any reason it has to be far away?

Shaper 2018-08-10 7:34pm

The only reason I keep my oxy tanks away from my bench is I don't want to bump into them. If your going to keep your oxycon close be sure to keep the hose off the ground.
Same with the propane hose. Marbles and other hot things like to drop off punties and roll around the floor looking for something to burn.
If you don't need that long of hose you can always cut it to the length you want. Then keep the rest for some use down the road.

artsyuno 2018-08-12 11:38am

You can cut your hoses to the length you want. Oxygen concentrators don't need to be far away. They need airflow, though, so make sure there's a bit of space around them.

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