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marnahydrusko 2017-06-19 3:30pm

Air Conditioning Experience
I have a freestanding 16' x 18' shed. It is insulated. It is in the sun all day. I desperately need to cool it down in there. I have an exhaust set up with make up air that is supplied through vents that run up through the floor and exit at the back of my bench in front of the torch. All of this is inside a plexiglass "tent" to try to minimize loss of room air. I bought a portable AC unit that is doing absolutely nothing. I would appreciate hearing from people who are in freestanding sheds to learn about what you are doing for AC. What do you use? What size it? Thanks so much for any help.

Eileen 2017-06-19 6:02pm

I do have a small unit, and it doesn't keep it cool but it keeps me from floating away on a sea of perspiration. I do find that a small fan behind me, aimed at my feet and past them to where the concentrator sits under my bench, helps a bit too. My shed is smaller than yours, outside dimensions are 12x14 I think.

I am not sure what you mean by the "tent" so can't comment on that.

Speedslug 2017-06-21 12:23pm

I wonder if you are getting radiant heat pulsing through the roof?

If you can feel the heat with your hand by holding it up toward the roof then I suggest installing a false roof inside or a second layer of roof over the top outside with ridge venting and soffit inlets.

I painted the cement roof of a place I rented in Guam a very bright white and it really made a difference in the heat of the ceiling.

I also suggest a fan under the bench pointed at your knees.

Creating an insulated ice box under your bench with its only opening right where your knees fit is another thought rather than trying to cool down the entire 16 by 18 building.

Lorraine Chandler 2017-06-21 8:23pm

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I have a Tuff shed Saltbox style 8 X 14. Here is how we finished it after it was installed.

Hubby installed R-13 insulation in walls and ceiling. The only area not insulated is the doors and that is a large area because they are huge double doors but they face east so not much heat on that side.

Fire resistant wall board on walls

Light weight 3/8 wallboard on ceilings because the other was just too heavy for us to install!![-(

Hubby added 3/4 plywood to the cheap floor it came with

Tiled with heavy ceramic tile for flooring

We installed a rather small A/C unit up high ( see pics) works great.

We have a old squirrel cage blower purchased from the squirrel cage blower grave yard at a local Heating and cooling place ( $40.00) It is on the outside of the shed and ducted over to the work table. Hubby wired it with three speeds. I usually use it on high.

We installed a 10" hydroponics replacement air fan to the middle of the table bringing in fresh air.

It gets 120 here frequently and it stays very cool with the A/C set at 75.:-D

Speedslug 2017-06-22 3:50am

Oh I for got to add that if you can set up a cheap lawn sprinkler on the roof just barely getting it wet the evaporation will cool it down a lot.

That is if you have the water to do that.

Maybe one of those strip hoses with the teeny tiny pin holes in them that just puts up a small tiny stream of water or one of those soaker hoses.

It wouldn't take much.

It could work as a stop gap while you figure out what else to do on a more permanent basis.

Do let us know what you figure out to do.
We love learning from each other here.

kansassky 2017-07-03 8:23am

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Believe it or not...

One of these little battery-operated face-fans has made all the difference in survival of hot conditions while working glass. Doesn't interfere with the flame at all.

I always take one with me to classes in studios where I know there is no AC or where the heat is expected to be brutal.

Works for me!!

I got mine at Walmart for around $5.00.
A set of AA batteries lasts about 8 hours.

You can order online, too.

Speedslug 2017-07-03 11:21am

I have to second Dix on those tiny fans !

There is a pinch thingy (technical term) in the cord that goes around your neck and makes easily adjustable to position you can have it blow right under your chin or back further toward your neck.

Just a little bit of air movement around your head can make a world of difference in how you feel.

periwinkle 2017-07-10 9:08pm

These fans remind me of the $4 investment one of my fellow pilgrims made when I went to Rome for World Youth Day (many years ago). It was unseasonably hot there - basically same temps as Phoenix, Arizona, where I live!! We had no AC most of the time and people from the northern countries were passing out left and right! I wished that I had known about that little fan before I left for Italy!!!

What is it about heat that I always seem to notice it around my head and neck the most? This seems to be something I've noticed later in life.

laurenmartinln10 2017-11-13 3:42am

yeah One of my friend has good skill on AC if you still need any service please send my request in inbox.

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